CHEATING VIDEO: Legion Jerome JC Rome McCoy said he left Ressa Tessa because she cheated on him with Bradley after he caught them in the house after 'Who Tf Did I Marry' 50-part TikTok story KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, February 22, 2024

CHEATING VIDEO: Legion Jerome JC Rome McCoy said he left Ressa Tessa because she cheated on him with Bradley after he caught them in the house after 'Who Tf Did I Marry' 50-part TikTok story

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Legion Jerome JC Rome McCoy said he left Reesa Teesa because she cheated on him with Bradley after he caught them in the house after 'Who Tf Did I Marry' 50-part TikTok story.

But awestruck audiences across TikTok, Instagram and X can’t seem to get enough of the toxicity as a divorcée virally details the alleged trauma she endured during her pandemic-spawned marriage to a “pathological liar.”

“I did not pay attention to the United Nations of red flags,” lamented a remorseful content creator known as @RessamTessa, an Atlanta transplant from New Jersey, in the first of a 50-part TikTok cautionary tale. “And I’m paying the consequences for that.”

Spinning her sorrowful yarn — entitled “Who the f–k did I marry?” — from the top, Ressa claimed she and Legion initially connected via Facebook Dating and Hinge in March 2020. The meeting occurred just two weeks before Georgia officials mandated the statewide COVID-19 lockdown. 

The ill-fated’s first dinner date was nearly derailed after the hopeful sweetheart blew a tire on her way to the restaurant. But Legion rushed to Ressa’s immediate rescue, fixing the busted wheel and incurring the repair costs. 

Captivating well more than 100 million virtual viewers, Ressa claimed her ex-husband — disdainfully nicknamed “Legion” — lied about being the vice president of a major condiments company, foraged phony financial documents, falsified phone calls with non-existent colleagues, friends and family members and conned her into believing she’d be lavished with a mini-mansion, BMW X5 and a luxe trip to London. 


For those who don’t have TikTok or don’t wanna watch all 50 here’s the summary for Who TF Did I Marry YES ITS LONG BUT IT TOOK 4 HRS TO WATCH SO 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

She met him in March 2020, 2 weeks before shut down. Met online talked a bit decide to go out. She has a blow out on the way to the date. He met her helped her with her tire paid for everything. Still went to the date afterwards talked and hit it off. They got along so well that but the time the shut down came they decided they he would move into her 3bd/2bth home cause he had a studio. He paid everything except her car note/insurance and phone bill. She was happy cause she’d never had a man like that. Fast forward he told her, he had 5 siblings, 2 half siblings that he was close with. He spoke to his oldest brother everyday on the phone (everyday for almost 1yr and a half). She never spoke on the phone with the brother but she did speak to him and he passed it along like “my brother said hi, and she’ll reply hi brother” that sort of thing. He did have an ex wife no kids together but he was close to her kids and kept a relationship with them ages 20(girl) & 17(boy). They tried to buy a house together but it fell thru. He kept giving the run around about actually purchasing it. But they did however shop for appliances (they put a hold on it to be kept at the store until time for delivery once in the house) and furniture. She ended up finding out it was a lie that he never closed on the house and never did any paperwork with the realtor. Just giving the realtor the run around. Found out she was pregnant in April 2020 so they tried for another house this time she involved herself. They put in a cash offer for $699k (he claim he had been approved through Chase bank for $750k (she actually saw paperwork for this) and that he had a separate savings account and an off shore account (but he never disclosed how much or with whom)) so when it came time for the house the sellers was willing to accept the cash offer but only after he proved he could actually pay for it. It became a back and forth about showing proof so the sellers pulled out and so did the realtor. She was upset and confused cause he said he had the money and bills were always paid and they never lacked anything so she didn’t understand the issue. Around this time she also found out he was talking to women on Facebook messenger so she was starting to question herself. Fast forward to July 2020 she had a miscarriage. He wasn’t there to support her and a friend from work was the one there for her. He claimed he had business meetings he couldn’t miss (he said he was a VP of a condiment company). Fast forward his grandma passed away and he was sad things started changing. By now she was kinda over the relationship cause nothing had changed and every time they were to do something they never could or did because he always had an excuse. He took her to test drive cars cause he was buying a company car and convinced her to get one said he’ll pay for it and didn’t. Convinced her to buy an Audi 8 said it’ll be delivered and had her take off work. It never came he had some excuse why. But he left for work everyday same time came home same time 6am-3/4pm. He also ended up losing a couple more family members. By the end of the year he proposed in December. They were married the next month in January 2021. Found out he was cheating 3 days later with a prostitute since November. Decided on marriage counseling the pastor told her flat out had you come to me before marrying him I would’ve told you don’t do it cause some ain’t right. So the ex step kids he was close to the girl got Covid and passed and the mom (ex-wife) wanted to know if they could help with $2k and she (the wife) agreed cause she don’t play bout people passing. She ended up buying herself a Nissan Altima but the note was more than expected (he was helping her pay it) so she told him she was getting another job and he laughed at her. She got another job but the background check wanted her husband info as well. She notice his social was different than what he put on the marriage license. She searched the social and all hell broke loose! This happened 3 weeks after they married January 31, 2020. 

She discovered that he never resided in California (he told her he went to college played football and that he graduated and met his ex wife and moved back to where they reside now trying to get his life together cause she was cheating on him but he remained close with the kids). He has addresses in Rhodes island, Philly, and Georgia. Found out he had been married before the previous ex-wife, it ended that ex (the 1st one) getting an order of protection cause she b*at him up after finding out he lied to her about everything and both times they filed for divorce and neither marriage lasted past 6months. She found an address and number on the most recent ex and called her. And she told her he lies about everything and to get her sh** and run as fast as she can. She said he only had maybe 1 family member that talked to him cause he lie so much. And before getting off the phone she asked about the girl (her daughter that passed from Covid) she said her daughter was fine. And they have no communication with him at all. She was flabbergasted. She also found an obituary online that said his grandma had passed in 2008 not 2020. During this time his knee was giving him some trouble so he couldn’t really move around like he was before until he ended up bed ridden. By this time it was May 2021. She also discovered another obituary that said he only had 2 brothers. She ended up calling the college he said he attended they had no record of him. She was done. She ended up comforting him on his birthday June 17, 2021 and asked him did he go to college he said he did rolled his eyes tried to get upset. But she told him she knew he was lying about everything she knew about college she knew about everything and told him get out her house before she k***** him. He ended up calling an aunt and she told him I’ll give you money to go home (Philly) just leave her house. So he left. He was so lazy that he laid in the room using the Powerade bottles to use the restroom 😳 she said she was disgusted but didn’t care she wanted him gone. Changed her locks and alarm. And one of his cousins found her number and called her to ask what happen between them cause he claimed he caught her cheating with a police officer and the police threatened to s*** him if he didn’t leave. But the cousin said he lie so much they didn’t believe him. They hadn’t talk to him in over 7/8 yrs some even longer cause he b*rned his bridges with everyone. Found out he only had 2 brothers and the oldest he claimed he talked to everyday they had beef. And hasn’t spoke since 2015 so he was making up conversations everyday like he was talking to somebody. And the other brother wasn’t just his brother but his TWIN! Not only his twin but his twin that actually had a job as a VP at a company with a5bd/5bth house and a BMW. (The life he was making up to her). He had no sisters and no half siblings. And the woman he called his aunt was actually just a family friend that nobody trusted! 😳 They got a quick divorce he was hesitant to sign but did. But also tried to move back in with her since he was advised that he could until the divorce was final. The lady he called aunt (family friend) called her to check on the baby (the one she miscarried) cause she was under the impression that she was leaving him and he was trying to get custody!! She was like there is no baby ma’am! She couldn’t believe it and was shocked. He was still going round lying. She hasn’t heard from him since the divorce was finalize.

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