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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

HOT: Outrage as The Queen actor, Xolani Mayekiso, is called out for raping a woman, Becoming Shika

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Outrage as The Queen actor, Xolani Mayekiso, is called out for raping a woman, Becoming Shika. 

Did Xolani Mayekiso really rape Becoming Shika? 

Becoming Shika wrote: "Xolani Mayekiso. Used to work on the set of The Queen as Thato. He is my rapist. 

We got in a car on the night of the Boks’s semi final and were talking. Not even kissing or anything. He forced my pants after I begged him not. Tried to insert his tiny dick inside of me.

"I covered my vagina with my hand. He tried and tried and tried, while I kept begging him to stop. Then he tries to kiss me to arouse me - first time we’ve kissed - great social skills. And a second later, tried again and I block him again with my hand He sees that I’m not responding, just dead cold. Gets off takes of his shorts maybe trying to get head. Who knows? I quietly ask for my clothes back. Put them on quietly as he starts shouting at me in his sister’s car.

“You can’t be selfish. You’re in a relationship now. You can’t think about yourself.” I’m scared to death. He even quietens down and says I must help him clean. I get out of the car as he does too. He comes over to my door from outside. He says … why don’t I wanna give things -the necessary “due process.” Why am I making this difficult? He gets into the car’s drivers seat to start the car and readjust and whatever. I run back to my flat nonstop. I’m running so fast that I think he is following me. He isn’t. I get back upstairs and lock the doors.

"I’m scared out of mind. I change and try to wash my hands. I felt a sticky substance before but I don’t think he came. I try to sleep. Next morning, I email @ihs_property building manager to get him removed. He is a long term guest even though he lied as he said he is renting They tell me they can’t get rid of a couch surfer who has no lease. I have to open a case. I go to @SAPS Pretoria West. I tell them what happened and the lady there suggests we wait for a van so we can go talk to him. He might not know what he did wrong.

"This is after I told her what happened three times. I tell her she can do what she wants to do, I’m not coming. She asks me for his contact info. I tell her I don’t know the guy. I literally had to Google him because we were chilling in a car. She finds him. He is called down to the station. He is worried sick that he is will face 15-20 years because they’re “so tough on celebrities.” He wants to talk to me. Police lady who is not an official officer wants me and him “to talk.” I say no.

"Child Protection Services is called after hours. My cousin (a witness) confers with him and his family. They’re claiming it’s a misunderstanding. Can they talk to me? Sister says why did I get into the car if I didn’t wanna have sex in a complex where my bed was just 200 m away CPS comes in to open the case. Stupid cop lady tells them while she strokes my back weirdly. “She doesn’t actually want to open a case, I spoke to her.” I tell CPS, I do want to open a case. They ask me what happened 8 more times."

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