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Thursday, February 29, 2024

VIDEO: Asake mocked Catholic Church while holding an Eucharist in 'Only Me' music video

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Asake mocked Catholic Church while holding an Eucharist in his music video.

The singer Ahmed Ololade, often known as Asake, has drawn a lot of criticism for looking like a priest in his most recent music video.

For his new song video, the singer, his backup vocalists, and dancers assumed the roles of priests conducting a mass in a Catholic church.

Solomon Buchi, with some Nigerians, has vented on social media about how much he detest Asake’s prop choice. Buchi referred to Asake’s behaviour as “disrespectful” in his article and questioned why Christians continued to listen to his music.

The backlash was swift, with many taking to social media to express their dismay and calling for the video to be banned. The controversy has sparked broader discussions about the intersection of religion and pop culture, and whether artists have the responsibility to avoid using religious imagery in a potentially offensive manner. Despite the uproar, Asake has remained silent on the matter, leaving fans and critics alike to speculate about his intentions and the potential impact on his career. The debate has been particularly vibrant on platforms like [Platform X], where users are deeply divided on the issue.

At the heart of the controversy are scenes in which Asake, dressed in priestly attire, is seen distributing communion, alongside video vixens clad in altar server vestments - a direct reference to Catholic Mass rituals. This creative choice has led to significant backlash on social media platforms, with many accusing the artist of blasphemy and a lack of sensitivity towards Christian religious practices. Critics, including Solomon Buchi, have publicly denounced the video, arguing that it trivializes sacred rituals for entertainment purposes, without any clear link to the song's content or message. References to these scenes can be found in discussions on Platform X, where the debate continues to unfold.

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