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Monday, March 4, 2024

CAUSE OF DEATH: Backyardigans creator, Janice Burgess, has passed away

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Backyardigans creator, Janice Burgess, has passed away.

According to information, she died of a natural cause (CAUSE OF DEATH). Janice Burgess was the former executive in charge of production of Nick Jr, which means she oversaw all of the programs that were in production at the time. IIRC, she had a hand in Blue's Clues and Gullah Gullah Island, two of the best Nick Jr. shows imo. Her inputs and creative decisions are some which made the curriculums strong, and the shows stand out to investors and critics, and of course, children!

She also worked on the short lived sitcom, Taina, and was a main writer for Winx Club when the series went in production under Nickelodeon Animation's arm. The thing I think you all remember her for most was her creation of Tbe Backyardigans, which I'd dare say is the most unique program Nick has ever hosted on their network. After Backyardigans, she was an executive producer for Bubble Guppies, a very similar show imo.

She actively wrote for and creatively directed Nickelodeon’s updated version of Winx Club. Nickelodeon’s animation studio produced both shows.

Burgess began her journey with Nickelodeon in 1995, initially as an executive overseeing production.

She said she disliked socializing with art lovers and the wealthy after college, so she chose a different career. 

Her other areas of impact were Sesame Workshop, Apple TV, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney (I'd argue). After her leaving of the network, and many of the other preschool executives such as Laura Brown and Kay Wilson Stallings, I feel like the network took such a rough shift from "How can we educate preschoolers and make money?" to "How can we make money while educating preschoolers?" Trust me, these two sentiments are NOT the same thing.

Nickelodeon as a whole would not be where it is without her, constantly educating people and bringing smiles to their faces. May she rest in peace, and thank her for all the joy, excitement, and beautiful shows she has brought to us over the past three decades.

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