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Saturday, March 30, 2024

HOT: IGN said Stellar Blade's Eve is a bland sexualized doll

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that IGN said Stellar Blade's Eve is a bland sexualized doll.

Shift Up, is known for focusing on the physical appearances of its characters. One of the most significant examples is Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. The third-person shooter game showcased various anime-style ladies in eye-catching outfits. 

Shift Up’s Stellar Blade has been a trending topic among games since it was confirmed in 2023. Fans have been waiting for quite some time for this title, which is finally slated for a April 26, 2024. Among the various interesting aspects about this action-adventure game, one of the most discussed aspect was the design of the protagonist.

However, this time around, they have managed to control themselves, at least for now. Other sites, however, can’t help themselves. One popular site recently wrote an article titled How Stellar Blade Became 2024’s Most Controversial Game. In an attempt not to send hate their way, I won’t mention who wrote it, even though I only get five views per post, and they likely get millions and won’t even notice anyone going over to them from this story. However, in this article, they go through the full range of emotions trying to argue why the game is considered controversial.

Shift Up admitted that the physical features of Eve are based on a Korean Model named, Shin Jae-eun in this PlayStation 5 exclusive title. They also said that during the character designing “special attention” was given to Eve’s backside, since that is what players would be watching the most while playing the game.

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