PLAGIARISM VIDEO: Mandela Catalogue creator, Alex Kister, getting canceled after being exposed as a pedo groomer grooming minor used TMC as a disguised fetish project KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, March 15, 2024

PLAGIARISM VIDEO: Mandela Catalogue creator, Alex Kister, getting canceled after being exposed as a pedo groomer grooming minor used TMC as a disguised fetish project

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Mandela Catalogue creator, Alex Kister, getting canceled after being exposed as a pedo groomer grooming minor used TMC as a disguised fetish project. 

Taking to social media, Alex Kister wrote: "I would like to make an initial statement in response to @stirringjuice (Ven) regarding some false and baseless accusations made against me. They have infringed on my privacy and are using it to slander me. I will have a response with my own evidence soon."

stirringjuice accused Alex Kister on Twitter:
This can’t be a defamation case.
I do not want my name to be associated with this situation and all other names will be censored
(the victims are allowed to come forward if they wish to). I understand it will be impossible to
hide and that’s why, afterward, I will be leaving my accounts associated with this name.
Originally, I decided against talking about my side of the story especially when I promised to
keep quiet, however, I feel like it is necessary to understand the context. I and several others
have noticed this behavior pattern that Alex exhibits. This was dealt with in private many times
before coming to a conclusion.
We have concluded that the best closure would be to warn others of this and to prevent this
from happening again, not just from Alex, but from any creator that misuses their platform.
For the past several months, Alex has shown predatory and manipulative behavior. It has
brought me and others a great deal of pain. We have also realized this has been going a lot
longer than expected.
Everyone in this document has permitted me to use their screenshots or testimonies. All names
are censored but the person can choose to publicly speak out if they wish.
My side shows Alex’s empty promises and manipulation,
Alex goes by any pronouns, so in some of these screenshots you’ll see “she”.

"The Beginning
(For most of these, there are no screenshots because Alex would ask me to delete his old
phone number and some were said in person)
Alex and I would start dating in April 2023 and we broke up in June 2023. At first, there wasn’t
anything particularly weird that happened because everything seemed to be heavily
communicated or consented. While reliving those memories, there were moments that I did find
Alex would “joke” during our relationship that he would kill himself if anything we sent to each
other was leaked out and that I was a spy coming to destroy his life. This is one of the earliest
cases of his paranoia and I would try my best to help, but it became apparent later on that Alex
has very heavy trust issues with everyone. It becomes a lot more destructive and gets in the
way of his thinking process.
I would also find it uncomfortable when he would joke in a public server (with a lot of his fans)
that I was keeping him alive and he would’ve killed himself if I didn’t exist (this channel would be
deleted). It becomes cemented in my subconscious to prevent him from hurting himself and to
try to always keep him happy.
He would tell me that he would masturbate several times a day to my photos and messages
before we opened up sexually while implying non-con fantasies he would do to my clothing if we
never opened to each other. He would later on confess to wanting to wear my clothing before
we opened up as well. Everything about me was sexualized heavily over time including my face,
my voice, and any clothing that I would wear. It ruined the way I viewed myself and how I
viewed romance.
I tried to accept that this was normal and would consent to it, but it was only after the fact he
would confess these things to me. These behaviors are extremely unhealthy habits and showed
he hardly had any self-control. He confessed to me (in a call) that he would have fantasies
about others, especially about their clothing.
Pt 0.5
The aftermath of the breakup would strain our connection over time. Alex had broken up with
me over text and mentioned he was not feeling any romantic tension between us. It was a
noticeable gradual issue that our messages would mainly consist of sexting and it had less of
that romantic feeling it had in the beginning. I tried to suggest activities we could do to build that
connection again, but I never really got an answer for this, even when we called I felt like it was
brushed over easily.
(These surviving screenshots are from when I was talking to a friend).

"After I implied my fears of being used for sexual purposes in a relationship, Alex suggested that
being friends with benefits would fit us better. I caved in because I was still very much in love
with him and would have done anything for him.
Pt 2
Afterward, I had such bad anxiety because I felt extremely dumb for accepting that title after I
explained that I felt like my main purpose was to give sexual pleasure. It was worsened by the
fact that Alex would tell me that he considered us soulmates and still wanted to say “I love you”
but it does not hold any ground when you’re in a relationship. He also allowed us to explain this
to our close friends. This just felt extremely careless.
I called Alex to discuss the future of our relationship which led to us officially breaking up. In that
call, I also told him that it just seemed like he had lost feelings for me. He then said no, and
explained the issue is with him needing help. He would try to seek help for issues about his
sexual behavior and lack of self-control.
This is a recording of what I was reading to Alex that came from my notes app.
After we broke up, Alex would come, asking me to delete any messages and photos I had of
him. I would automatically delete those photos when we broke up, but it is the level of paranoia
that he had that would make me feel guilty for being close to him. I felt like I encouraged a
horrible behavior that he had been struggling to control for a long time. I would have to reassure
him for a good while because he was afraid of people finding out what he enjoyed.
Before I even deleted his phone number, we would discuss about him getting a therapist to
control these thoughts and guilt. This became a lot more frequent over time and I felt like I
became more of a therapist rather than a friend.
(The first messages he would send to me on his new phone would be about this entire situation)
Pt 3
I spoke up about having an issue with being seen more as a therapist rather than a friend. I felt
like we had less of a connection with each other and my only purpose was to help him. It did
offend me when he would come to me for reassurance but wouldn’t return the same gesture.
Before this, I had just vented to him and was met with silence until I started this conversation.
(These are just from memory) There would be several moments where he would be active
elsewhere while I was venting or even attempting to talk to him. I wouldn’t be offended if it
wasn't a recurring issue. I mentioned being a rebound because I found in our old messages
about him being happy that I was able to fill a void. I would feel guilty for accusing him of having
malicious intent.

"It did not feel like anything was changing afterward. There was a noticeable change between
then and November when we became close again. It felt like the reason we became close again
was because I was satisfying Alex’s needs by giving him attention. We were also discussing
what we have talked about similarly during our relationship such as clothing and fantasies.
A couple of days later, I would ask him about his search for a therapist. His response did worry
me due to the fact we discussed the reasons why he should look for a therapist but he
seemingly went back on his words. I understand it is not my responsibility to push people into
getting help, but Alex definitely needed it the most especially when he has been struggling with
this behavior for so long.
Pt 5
I would not text back Alex out of frustration because I expected the conversation to go nowhere
or be met with silence. It is what I expected from him. I wasn’t afraid of talking about my
feelings, it just didn’t seem beneficial to me if the other party was going to ignore those
messages. After this message, it was silence.
Pt 6
I would do this several times when I wouldn’t text him back because I didn’t see a point, but it
would be ironic to me when I decided to not speak to Alex, he would try to interact with me
more. The only time he would accurately reply was if it was about him.
I sort of lied in this message, I was happier because I wasn’t attempting to interact with him or
see him on my social media. I was unable to reveal my true feelings because I believed that I
was overthinking everything and I was paranoid or delusional. I was having a constant internal
battle if I was a good person or not. I wondered why I had these thoughts in the first place if no
one else seemingly had the same issues as I did.
Pt 7
Then he would speak about his guilt again and ask me to delete his old phone number.
I would question if he was continuing being friends with me because he was afraid, on the basis
he would do this to several other people. I was paranoid that I was being kept around because I
learned a lot about him.
Alex accidentally misread my messages and thought I wanted to remind him of his bad
moments, but I would almost be grateful because he would reveal to me that he was miserable.
He pretended he was living peacefully and was able to move on from the incident, but that was not the case. He needed to have constant distractions to feel normal and avoid guilt, essentially
running away from his thoughts.
I understand he was trying to explain that my existence does not make him uncomfortable, it’s
the existence of those media that gives him guilt. But after all of this, he would go back to his old
ways and nothing was changed at all.
These weeks of being the person having to help him erase those memories felt degrading. I felt
like I was being kept around because I had these media stored. It would make me feel guilty
being close to him or even dating him.
Pt 8
I put my foot down and told him straightforwardly that he needed help. I noticed the pattern of
behavior he was going through and there was hardly any progress being made. It was obvious
that Alex was not getting better but I could not provide any more help as a friend. Alex
continuously going through this cycle gives me guilt because I felt like I accidentally hurt him.
Pt 9
He then decided to go off his meds.
Pt 10
We had another fight that was similar to the one previously mentioned. I didn’t feel like a close
friend, we were hardly talking, and I noticed he wasn’t putting much of an effort into keeping that
relationship. I want to iterate that there is a clear difference between then and later when we
were actually speaking to each other.
In his story, he had talked about being his own therapist after going off of his meds. It felt like a
slap to my face after conversing with him several days prior that he was continuously going
through the cycle, taking charge, and hurting himself by avoiding getting help.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with going off of your meds if you believe they are
detrimental to your health and you do not see any noticeable progress, but Alex was not getting
better. This is also not the first time he has been off of his meds. Alex is highly aware of his
cycles or issues but chooses to make situations worse for himself.
Pt 11
I was insulted that he would suggest getting a therapist because “there is nothing more I can do
or say” when that message is eerily similar to what I said days prior. I find issues with him saying
that he isn’t a big texter, it is a lie because of how we talked before we were dating and from other people’s perspectives as well. Group situations were also a lie because we were in many
of the same group chats or servers with different people and I would feel ignored.
The last image is me after spending time away. I essentially gave up trying to convince him my
Pt 12
Below was the catalyst for an argument in September. It was the moment I realized that I was
wasting my time fighting with someone who was unable to see my perspective because he
didn’t understand his own feelings and refused to change.
When I discussed with Alex about seeking a therapist after wanting me to delete any media of
him, he sent me a text mentioning starting a new chapter with me. I asked him later what he
meant because I find it weird to drop that after we had recently just broken up and the wording
seemed very vague to me.
I was then under the impression that we would start dating again. I find it ridiculous to bring that
up when we were never getting back together. There were never any plans. It would make
sense why I would feel even more upset that he was hardly speaking to me but speaking to
other people because it did not make any sense in my head. I have explained this to so many
people and they were also confused by his explanation.
Pt 13
Nearly a month later, I would ask him for clarification because I was confused. I wanted to
believe that I was overthinking and that it was my fault for not asking for more details or not
assuming it was just about being friends. But none of this makes sense.
None of this new explanation would have ever been known just from the previous explanation
he gave me. We did discuss it, you just seemingly gave the worst explanation. Again, I find it
ridiculous to bring up not being mentally ready to be in a committed relationship after we had
recently broken up. I wanted to pretend that this was okay but after conversing with my friends
about what happened between me and Alex, I wasn’t overreacting. I was being emotionally hurt
whether intentionally or not.
This was officially my breaking point.
Pt 14
Alex is unable to understand my feelings. It just didn’t feel like the same person that I was in
love with months prior. These explanations did nothing but put me in a constant mental loop.
This wasn’t normal behavior and it would be a nightmare for other people to experience this. But
it seemed like I was the only one who had issues and I was alone in all of this.

"It is disgusting to go into a relationship when you’re unprepared for the hardship and hardly give
any effort. I felt like we only got into a relationship because I gave him his attention and wants.
Our relationship gradually changed over time for the worse as it became more sexual rather
than romantic. While friends with benefits, I would notice that the attention was mainly focused
on Alex rather than shared. Despite sounding angry, I still wanted to see some growth from him.
This was someone who had a growing career but I feared it would be potentially ruined by his
emotional immaturity.
I never planned on releasing this publicly because I believed it could have been fixed privately. I
was extremely hurt but I saw it unnecessary to release this. I would talk to some close friends
about this in private to feel less alone. Despite that, my ultimate rule that I would tell people is
that this should not be public.
I finally decided to release this to show how Alex has not improved and his behavior seemed to
get worse. It never felt like I was talking to an adult, I felt like I was talking to a child.
Pt 15
Nearly two weeks later, he came back to me to report that he had a therapy appointment. I
understand my comment was snarky but I truly did not expect him to get help based on previous
conversations and I did not want to go through the same cycle of demanding an answer.
The word miscommunication would understate how mentally exhausting this situation became
and it would be a common word used to excuse his actions. It all came down to Alex’s
I predicted this long before that us not talking anymore would persuade him to get help. It made
me feel weird because why did it have to get to that point and why didn’t he take advantage of
his resources before?
I made the mistake of continuing to be friends with Alex. I felt guilty and I felt like I wasn’t giving
him a chance to improve. I never gained anything from being friends with him. I don’t know how
we became friends again. I gave up fighting for my position and I was hoping for a change. For
some reason I missed him.
I learned that behaviors can be unexplainable, especially when the other person cannot
understand their own."

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