HOT: Deported Pakistani man, Hussain Jarrar, sneaked back into Kenya through the Lungalunga border on Saturday April 6 KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Sunday, June 9, 2024

HOT: Deported Pakistani man, Hussain Jarrar, sneaked back into Kenya through the Lungalunga border on Saturday April 6

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Deported Pakistani man, Hussain Jarrar, sneaked back into Kenya through the Lungalunga border on Saturday April 6. 

Deported Pakistani sneaks back to the country prompting outrage 
Security agencies said Sunday they were investigating circumstances under which a Pakistani national who had been deported sneaked back to the country.
Hussain Jarrar, 50 is said to have sneaked back to the country through the Lungalunga border on Saturday April 6.
This is after he flew to Dar es Salaam and drove to the main border where he was picked by a business partner and politician.
Jarrar had been deported from Kenya on January 20, 2024 after Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki declared him a prohibited immigrant.
“I do hereby declare that the entry or presence of Jarrar Hussain who is not a citizen of Kenya and whose presence in Kenya is contrary to national interest.”
“In consequence of this declaration, the said Jarrar Hussain is for all purposes of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011, other than for the purposes of sub-section (6) of Section 33, a member of the Prohibited class and a Prohibited Immigrant,” said part of the deportation order dated January 15.
Before his deportation, Kindiki ordered that Jarrar be detained in police or prison custody while arrangements for removal were being undertaken.
“This order is sufficient warrant to keep the said Jarrar Hussain in custody.”
And five days later, he was deported through Dubai then to Karachi.

Jarrar is said to have however sneaked back to Kenya two months later using a different route.
Police revealed they had been informed of his presence in Kenya and efforts to trace him were ongoing.

“We understand he is being hosted by a former politician but efforts to trace him are ongoing,” said a senior official aware of the issue.

The investigators said they want to understand how he arrived in the country and if he used the same traveling documents that were used in deporting him.

He was arrested days after his arrival in the country, detained at the Industrial Area prisons ahead of a planned deportation. But he move moved to court and obtained orders stopping authorities from detaining him pending hearing and determination of the case. 
Police expressed frustrations saying the judiciary was hindering the war on crime in general. 
“How do you explain this when we have a prohibited immigrant now enjoying life here courtesy of the judiciary. It all sums to one thing,” said a senior officer. 
Jarrar was linked to among others claims of money laundering. 
The issue had been cited in some of the citations that led to Kenya being grey-listed two months ago.
His return amid unverified claims he had bought the trip here puts the country's security officials on the spot.
For years, Jarrar has been bragging he was untouchable.
Jarrar who had arrived in Kenya as a second hand motor vehicle dealer had his work permit expired in November 2022.

The last time he had an interaction with the immigration officials was in July 2023 when they summoned him over his status.

Jarrar was among others under investigation over claims of organized crime.

Police wrote to the immigration department seeking information on Jarrar saying they are probing him over terror claims.

The Anti-Terror Police wrote to immigration on December 15, 2022, seeking information on his presence in the country.

“This office is investigating a case of engaging in organized criminal activities involving individuals associated with the above company.

“Urgently furnish this office with the following information to enable us to conclude our investigations, Certified copies of the duplicate file and travel history, Visa status, Work permit class, Any other relevant information,” read part of the letter by Titus Ikade who is in charge of Nairobi detachment.
It is not clear what happened with the probe.

Jarrar who arrived in the country in 2006 and was later employed as a sales motor vehicle agent is now suddenly a billionaire.

This has raised eyebrows of the government agencies, which have since cited him for money laundering.

He was also being investigated for forgery after it emerged he had obtained a Kenyan identity card fraudulently, officials aware of the issue revealed.

What sold him out was the fact that he had declared that he is Kenyan in one of the companies- Silver Dash Limited- he runs with his two children. The children are in Pakistan.

He had then unsuccessfully applied for renewal of his work permit as a foreigner. The application for renewal was rejected.

Kenyan officials say they have established Jarrar could be part of an international money laundering ring.

Among the agencies that were pursuing him include the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, ATPU, the Financial Reporting Centre, the Immigration Department and the National Intelligence Service.

Correspondences seen between the agencies paint a grim picture of the businessman.

For instance, one agency wrote to the other in May 2022 explaining how the man arrived in the country.

Jarrar was a director at Al-Shujah Motors Limited which was established in 2012 and started operations of selling second-hand vehicles in January 2013.

“Previously, Jarrar was a director at Al-Husnain Motors Limited and obtained three of his previous work permits from February 18, 2006 to February 2, 2013. Later the directors of Al-Husnain Motors split and hence the establishment of Al-Shujah Motors Limited by Jarrar,” said part of the letter dated May 19, 2022.

In June 2021 he applied for his citizenship by lawful residence when it was established he had an adverse notice due to his suspicious involvement with Iranians.

“Due to this, his permanent residence process was halted,” the documents say.

A report by one of the security agencies seen says the company Jarrar runs has been associated with drug trafficking.

“The referred Al-Shujah Motors changed its name from Al-Husnain Motors whose directors have been associated with drug trafficking,” read part of the report.

This came out after two of his brothers who doubled as his associates were deported over the same claims of narcotics trafficking.

 He then learned of the plans to deport him in 2007 and left the country only for him to resurface five years later and establish a new company under a different name.

Officials at the FRC revealed they had alerted bank managers of a local bank with an account of a Pakistani national Saleem Qamar after it emerged Jarrar has been running it.

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