Kenyans drag Mutahi Ngunyi for photoshopping William Ruto to laugh during the lying-in-state of former President Mwai Kibaki KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Kenyans drag Mutahi Ngunyi for photoshopping William Ruto to laugh during the lying-in-state of former President Mwai Kibaki

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kenyans have dragged Mutahi Ngunyi over poor photoshopped picture of William Ruto at the lying-in-state of Mwai Kibaki. (Read More Here).

Yesterday, Deputy President, William Ruto, was at the Parliament buildings to see the former president Mwai Kibaki for the last time, before he's buried. 

The real pictures began to resurface, but later, Mutahi decided to photoshop the picture to make William Ruto laugh; in order to make it look as if he was happy. 

After sharing the pictures, Kenyans took to his comment section to drag him. He has gotten over 1K comments filled with insults. 

Mutahi Ngunyi wrote: "Who SMILES with all 32 TEETH when the nation is MOURNING? The BROKE man is LYING."

Reactions from Kenyans below:

Marvin Machani
Replying to 
You are the people who have been misleading The president ati central is the kingpin,do you see how desperate you are!!!if I was Uhuru nitawaita statehouse niwadanganye it's a meeting ya kuwaongeza pesa halafu niwapeleke chamber niwapeee nyaunyo.

Call Me Ole Pekiro🇰🇪👐
Replying to 
Uko chini mzae, you r disrespecting yourself. Hata kama Ni siasa, you can't go too low and Photoshop things like this. Desperation from 
 operatives are real.

Aldrin Ouma Oduor
Replying to 
Mutahi has given all uda bloggers and 1k like materials a taste of their own medicine. uda supporters always feel like they have monopoly of propaganda. When you go low, Mutahi goes Lower.

Replying to 
I'm strong supporter of Azimio but for this kind of photoshop it's unfair for humanity.

Replying to 
Being a Ruto critic is hard.
You try thief card it fails
You try Land grabbing card it flopps
You try Kimwarer it fails
You try sponsored tags it fails.
So you resort to cheap photoshops.desparation

Replying to 
You man up bro,don't post popcorn when most of of us don't afford flour. 

Replying to 
Unless you are at war with Kalenjin teeth...! Your theory of mind is wanting! Are you his accountant? Ruto just pulled a stunning nominations in UDA surpassing #iebc standards in some cases..agents paid..and 
 is still very much afloat! Asking for currency. 

alex joe
Replying to 
Am a Tech Guru and this is poorly photoshoped. 

Did he tell you he is doing this on Raila's behalf? 
We Railas followers expecially the silent ones will make Railas president. 

Silvia Wangeci ➐
Replying to 
How will this make Raila President?? You and uhuru are doing Raila a disservice. 

Stephen Mutoro
Replying to 
Dear Prof Ngunyi: You have crossed the redline of decency. You are now petty. Must you use photoshop of DP Dr Ruto to sustain a silly and unrealistic narrative? Twitter, even under Elon Musk, remains a public record. If you have run out of 'scams' around WSR, please shut up!

Michael Kairu
Replying to 
Yani mulijaribu kumuita mwizi, muuwaji, mkora, jambazi na bado wakenya wanazid kumupenda sasa umeamua siasa za Photoshop na bado amumuwezi atazidi kupendwa na kuchanguliwa kuwa rais wa tano nchini. 

HE Oloitiko Olorng'atuny
Replying to 
Shame on you 
 for Photoshop. You may dislike and hate Dr William Ruto but learn in the next 104 days that he'll occupy statehouse thru the ballot. 
You shall. love your neighbor, and hate your enemy.

®K I R U G A R A©
Replying to 
Like this is how low you have sunk Mutahi? You even paid for a Photoshop license to amuse yourself? Am now convinced more than ever that DP Ruto will be President. Statehouse bloggers have lost it. Let's swear 
 already. The project has failed to take off! 

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