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Sunday, January 26, 2020

A lady shares the beautiful moment she had with a Chinese woman, whom she met at the mall.

An undisclosed lady shared the beautiful moment she had with a Chinese lady, whom she met at the mall yesterday when she went for grocery shopping.
Here's her beautiful moment: The undisclosed woman wore the same top with a Chinese woman when she went to the mall for her grocery shopping. When she was at the mall, she met a Chinese woman who called her. The reason the Chinese woman called her was because they wore the same top. The undisclosed lady turned and waved at the Chinese woman, the Chinese woman also waved back. After shopping, both women met each other again. The Chinese immediately told her daughter to stop the undisclosed lady, so that they could both click some photos together. The Chinese woman's daughter did as she was told. She reached out for the undisclosed and delivered the message to her. The undisclosed lady and the Chinese woman ended up clicking pictures together. While enjoying this moment, the undisclosed lady had a flashback to a lady who once told her that she would burn her clothes if she sees them that same clothes on anyone. The undisclosed lady described the other lady as " A proud lady".
Apart from enjoying that beautiful moment, the undisclosed lady also learnt a few things. 

Here are the things she learnt:
1.Humility is key. 
2.Love one another as you love yourself 
3. Don't feel to high and mighty. 
4. Appreciate one another 
5. When you see someone having the same gift, passion as you, don't fail to connect. 

Below is the photo of the undisclosed lady and the Chinese woman. 👇
Pictures showing the undisclosed lady's beautiful moments. 👇

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