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Thursday, May 7, 2020

MultiChoice increases subscription prices for DSTV AND GOTV.

South African company, MultiChoice has announced an increment in its plans for viewers due to an implement of 7.5% VAT(Value Added Tax).
DSTV and GOTV's users will be asked to pay more to keep enjoying amazing channels. 
Here are the new subscription prices for DSTV below 👇 
1. Premium: from N15,800 to
N16,200(Including VAT).
2. Compact+ : from N10,650 to N10,925.
3. Compact: N6,800 to N6,975.
4. Confam: from N4,500 to N4,615.
5. Yanga: from N2,500 to N2,565.
6. Padi: from N1,800 to N1,850.

New subscription prices for GOTV
1. Max: from N3,200 to N3,280.
2. Jolli: from N2,400 to N2,480.
3. Jinga: from N1,600 to N1,640.
4. Lite: from N400 to N410.

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