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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

(Watch) How to prepare Afang soup in Calabar style by Rozy

Food vlogger, Rozy, is back again. This time, she's showing us how to prepare Afang soup in Calabar way/style. 

In the video, Rozy amazingly showed us the step by step processes she used in preparing a pot of tasty Afang soup. 
Afang soup is mostly eaten by the Ibibios and Efiks (i.e people from Cross River and Akwa Ibom). 

Ingredients used:
1. Waterleaf
2. Afang leaves/Ukazi
3. Dried fish 
4. Stock fish
5. Cow skin/ponmo
6. Salt
7. Clams/periwinkles
8. Seasoning cubes/powder
9. Onions
10. Palm oil
11. Dried shrimps

Watch: Afang Soup by Rozy. 

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