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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

(Video) Broda Shaggi's robbery plans go wrong in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Samuel A. Perry, popularly known as, Broda Shaggi, has dropped his first comedy episode on The Robbery (The Beginning). This first episode features superstars, such as: Officer Woos, Small Stout (Nkubi), Sambasa Nzeribe, Alex Unusual, Poco Lee, Abayomi Alvin and Thelly.

In the new comedy skit, Broda Shaggi, Small Stout and Officer Woos are seen at their dining table as they make plans on how to robber a certain house in Ajah, Lagos State. In the end, their plans were futile. 

After all their plans were made, they embark on the robbery operation. They successfully entered the apartment as planned but seemed to be at a wrong house. 

While they were in the house, Small Stout began to make unnecessary noise and it arrested the attention of the main owners of the house. The main owners of the house are notorious criminals and that was how Broda Shaggi's robbery plans became unsuccessful. 

After seeing the notorious armed robbers, Broda Shaggi tells the boss that he and his gang are members of Jehovah Witness. 
Their main aim in the house is to preach the word of God. Broda Shaggi is seen as tries to preach the word of God out of fear. 

In end, the boss of the main criminals speaks as he tells Broda Shaggi and his gang to join his own gang to embark on a robbery attack. According to the boss (Sambasa), he says a few of his men were killed by the police during their last operation. 
Watch the video for more. 

Video below:

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