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Monday, November 9, 2020

(Video) Maraji shows six types of End SARS protesters in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedianne, Gloria Olorunto, popularly known as, Maraji, has dropped an incredible comedy skit on six different types of End SARS protesters in Nigeria. They are: the protesters, opposers, Voice of the people, fake protesters, Don't care and the Social Media Activists.

1. The Protesters: In the comedy skit, the protester is seen as she tells her friend that she will be participating in the end SARS protest and asks if she would like to join. Her friend declines immediately.

2. The Opposers: This character opposes the protests by giving reference to her grandfathers (Americans) who are still fighting police brutality.

3. Voice of the People: This character didn't join the physical protest but made a video encouraging people to lend their voices on the protests to end SARS/SWAT.

4. Fake Protesters: This character has no genuine intention of joining the protest. Her main intentions are to take selfies with celebrities, eat free food (small chops) and look out for a boyfriend. Her friend got interested and decided to go with her.
Hair credit: Naija Hair Factory.

5. Don't care: This character doesn't give a damn about the protest. She feels it's not her business or has nothing to do with her. All she does is to eat and have fun. 

6. Social Media Activist: This character only shares videos and photos from the scenes of the end SARS protests. The character gave an incredible tribute to the shootings and killings at Lekki Toll Gate, which occurred on October 20, 2020.

Video below:

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