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Monday, November 2, 2020

(Video) Mr. Macaroni tries to avoid some questions by being a protective uncle in a new comedy skit

A new comedy skit by Debo Macaroni has been released and it's cool, exciting and entertaining. His new comedy skit features his nephew (Seun), Seun's wife and their son, Tamilore.

In the new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni is seen in living room as his nephew (seun) comes out with a glass of juice in his hand to offer it to him. Seun tells his uncle that he almost couldn't have met him at home and they both laughed.

Mr. Macaroni begins to ask Seun about his family and his sugar chick. Seun tells him, they're all fine. Not too long, Tamilore and his mother entered. Out of excitement, Tami ran to give his big daddy (Mr. Macaroni) a big hug but the hug comes with trouble (questions). Seun's wife, kneels down to greet her in-law in a cultural manner.

Immediately, Tami begins to ask his grand uncle/big daddy a few current affairs questions, such as: How many planets do we have, when was Nelson Mandela released from prison and what's the meaning of amalgamation?' Mr. Macaroni couldn't give answers to any of the questions because he's not educated.

Seun (Tamilore's father) comes to the sitting room and immediately, Mr. Macaroni attacks him for not protecting his son and his wife by asking them to wear face masks. He said that to avoid answering the questions from Tami.

Mr. Macaroni brings out a well-packaged and medical face masks and face shields, which he got from Kas Protection and he hands them over to Seun.

Video below:

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