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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

(Video) Nasty Blaq turns to a goat in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Nasty Blaq, is here again with another exciting comedy skit. His new comedy skit features his girlfriend and his girlfriend's friend.

In the new comedy skit, his girlfriend is seen as she shows her friend pictures on her phone. A few seconds later, Nasty enters their conpound and his girlfriend attacks him by accusing him of having an affair with a lady. 

Nasty explains to his girlfriend that the lady is a bitcoin operator of Aj Global Ventures but his girlfriend disagrees as she asks him to call the bitcoin operator for confirmation. Nasty obliges and calls the bitcoin operator. Immediately the lady picks the call, Nasty's girlfriend snatches the phone off his hand and tries to listen to the voice of the bitcoin operator. Out of anger, Nasty's girlfriend cuts the call the moment the bitcoin operator was trying to speak. 

Fight sets in as Nasty and his girlfriend promise not to call each other. He leaves his girlfriend's house, enters his car and begins to feel lonely. Out of loneliness, he calls his babe and she picks. Immediately, both of them turned into animals. Nasty turns into a goat while his girlfriend turns to a fowl (hen).

Video below:

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