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Saturday, November 14, 2020

(Video) Peruzzi in a new comedy skit with Isbae U and it's ICONIC

Nigerian singer, Peruzzi, has been featured in a new comedy skit with popular Nigerian comedian, Isbae_U. Isbae_U's new comedy skit features Peruzzi and four others.

In the new comedy skit, Peroro, Isbae_U, one guy and one lady are seen standing as they wait for the boss and the boss' assistant of an armed robbery gang to join them. Before the boss of the bad gang came, she had already killed someone.

The boss sits while her assistant stands. The assistant asks Peruzzi, Isbae_U and the other two standing to narrate the craziest thing they have done. The lady tells the bad gang boss that she killed her uncle as he tried to rape her. The assistant of the bad gang tells her to join them immediately.

They got to other guy, who seems to have a tough or have done the craziest stuff turned out to be rubbish. He got killed by the boss. It got to Peruzzi and Isbae_U and Peroro tells the gang members that he and Isbae_U had robbed a bank before. Suspense!!!
Shot and Edited by Edem Victor. 

Video below:

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