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Saturday, December 19, 2020

(Video) Barrister Sani gets scammed due to greed in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Barrister Mike/Michael Sani, popularly known as, McLively, has teamed up with Shank Comics. His new comedy skit is saying 'No to greed' and 'No to fraudulent activities.' His new comedy skit is titled, Detty December Money. 

In the new comedy skit, Barrister Sani is seen standing in the queue trying to withdraw some cash from the ATM. He begins to quarrel with the young guy who seems to be taking time to withdraw money from the ATM.

Shank Comics comes close to Barrister Sani and greets him like three times. Out of irritation, Barrister Sani answers Shank in a rude manner. Shank didn't care because he's there for another mission or has ulterior motive in his mind.

Shank begins to plead with Barrister Mike to help him withdraw money from the ATM because he has issue with his ATM card. Barrister Mike didn't care at that point until Shank promised to send him N3K. Out of excitement and love for free money, he agrees.

He gives Shank Comics his bank account details. Shank asks him for his phone number so that he will thank him for helping him withdraw the money. In no time, Barrister Mike receives an alert of N6K. He was so filled with excitement. 

He rushes to the ATM to withdraw the money. He returns and gives Shank his own N3K and keeps the other N3K. Barrister Sani goes to the ATM to withdraw again but gets an alert of 'Insufficient fund.' He got scammed due to his greed and love for money. The comedy skit is a message from The Central Bank of Nigeria Banker's/Bankers' Committee.

Video below:

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