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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

(Video) Mr. Macaroni meets daughter of Jezebel in a new comedy skit with Don Jazzy

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Stingy Men Association. His new comedy skit features superstars, such as: Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid.

In his new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni is seen as pleads with the leader of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, Don Jazzy. After much pleading, Don Jazzy partially gives in by testing him with a lady first. 

Before that, Don Jazzy, begins to show Mr. Macaroni the SMAN ID Card of prominent and rich men in the world who have joined the association. Rich and prominent men, such as: Aliko Dangote, Jeff Bezos, Femi Otedola and Dr. Adedeji Adeleke (Davido's father).

Don Jazzy calls in Riri to test Mr. Macaroni. She enters and begins to touch him in a romantic way as she demands money from him. Don Jazzy adds fires by telling Riri to add pressure in testing Mr. Macaroni.

Finally, Mr. Macaroni, passes the test in a chameleon manner, in order to get the SMAN ID Card. His SMAN was handed over to him by Dr. Sid. He leaves with a member of SMAN.

He gets to the gate side and sees 'a daughter of Jezebel - a Member of Stingy Women Association of Nigeria' in a disguise. He approaches and begins a conversation with her. The lady gets angry that he's joined the SMAN but Mr. Macaroni switches to CASMAN (Coalition Against Stingy Men Association of Nigeria) immediately. 

Mr. Macaroni tells her that he doesn't belong to SMAN but CASMAN with his own motto as: "Send Me Your Account." The daughter of Jezebel sends her account details to him and Mr. Macaroni instantly transfers N500K to her.

Mr. Macaroni begins to tackle the other member of SMAN who was seeing him off the gate. He (Mr. Macaroni Debo) turns back to the lady but finds a huge surprise. Watch the video below for more.

Video below:

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