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Monday, January 25, 2021

(Videos) Eyewitnesses revealed what led to ESN and Nigerian Army clash in Orlu

Yesterday, it was reported that Orlu, Imo State, was on fire due to attacks from the Nigerian Army. Alot of people didn't know what led to the clash until the early hours of Tuesday. (Read More Here).

According to reports, over 3 people were killed in the clash between ESN (Eastern Security Network) vs the Nigerian soldiers. Two eyewitnesses, who are Igbos, have revealed what led to the clash.

According to the two eyewitnesses, ESN started the clash by ambushing Nigerian police at a checking point, in Orlu. It got out of hand and the Nigerian police decided to involve the Nigerian Army to fight its battle. 

Nigerian Army stepped in and that led to the shootings and killings in Orlu, Imo State, yesterday. 

First eyewitness: Kelvin Odanz revealed: "Appears the crisis in Orlu started with a beer parlours disagreement that led to mild violence and then escalated subsequently. The high-handedness of our security forces is a major weakness.

"Update: I hear there was an underlying crisis involving ESN and mostly policemen before this beer pub skirmish.
That policemen have been victims of ambush by ESN members (affiliated to IPOB) and it's been a lingering issue. And soldiers were called in to arrest the situation

"And I've also seen some circulations from IPOB groups claiming responsibility for the attack on the policemen and talking about repelling soldiers.
It seems to be a way to showcase how much of a formidable force they are. Civilians are caught in the crossfire. Number of deaths."

The second eyewitness revealed with video clips:

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