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Sunday, March 28, 2021

50 Yahoo boys die after attending a party house in Olambe, Ogun State

It's being reported that over 50 Yahoo boys (Internet scammers), have died after attending a party house at Alagbole-Ajuwon-Akute road, Ogun State. The incident happened last week Sunday.

According to many eyewitnesses, it's being confirmed that many Internet fraudsters have died in Alagbole-Ajuwon-Akute Road. One eyewitness says the victims were mostly from Akeredolu in Olambe, Ogun State.

One of the eyewitnesses says the party house or mini club celebration took place last week Sunday at Titi Concept, which is located around that Alagbole-Ajuwon-Akute-Olambe axis. After the celebration, a few of the Yahoo boys began to die.

The eyewitness continued by saying that 3 were rushed to church but they still died, while the one that was rushed to the hospital survived. He survived but he's still in coma. The eyewitness said:

"It happened around my area,and yes! 4 of them were from my area,they died, but one was saved,cause they took him to hospital on time, the remaining 3 were taken to the church. 
Church, yes church, they gave up the ghost, and they’re not up to 50, no dey cap bruh, it happened at Titi concept.

"It’s not a birthday bruh...the misinformed them. The thing is, the place is like mini shrine, smoking is allowed, so you know a lot of youths are into smoking and stuff, so people are always plenty there, very very plenty."

Another eyewitness says the victims were mostly from Akeredolu, Olambe, Ogun State. The victims mostly lived in Akeredolu, Lambe. He said:
"I mean the victims are from akeredolu, olambe not the location."

The cause of their deaths hasn't been revealed. Alot of people are suspecting it might either be poison or curses from people they've scammed. Another eyewitness says over 50 of the Yahoo boys have died and a few are still dying. 

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