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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

(Video) Ay Makun steals puff-puff in a new comedy skit with Mr. Macaroni

Nigerian comedian, Debo "Mr. Macaroni" Adedayo, has dropped a new comedy skit titled, "Ay Wants To Marry Motunde." His new comedy skit features popular Nigerian stand up comedian, Ay Makun The Comedian. The comedy skit is an advert for Ay's Easter Sunday Live Comedy Show. 

In the new comedy skit, Motunde enters with her boyfriend, Ay. She introduces him to her dad. Mr. Macaroni gets excited as he welcomes Ay very well. They begin to discuss like man to man as Mr. Macaroni gets to know who his daughter's suitor is.

When discussing, Mr. Macaroni asks Ay "What he does for a living." He responds by saying he's an entertainer - he makes people laugh for a living. Mr. Macaroni gets excited and impressed. Ay begins to tell him about his forthcoming show this Easter Sunday.

Mr. Macaroni playfully asks him for tickets at least for two tables. Ay responds by saying he should buy the tickets. Mr. Macaroni stylishly insults Ay in Yoruba and begins to ask him if he understands Yoruba. Ay hilariously responds in Yoruba.

After much discussion, Mr. Macaroni tells his daughter to get some puff-puff for him and Ay. Motunde obliges as she goes in to bring some hot and fresh puff-puff. Mr. Macaroni gets excited as he takes one and asks Ay to have some. Ay says he doesn't eat puff-puff, which makes Mr. Macaroni gets shocked immediately.

Mr. Macaroni calls his daughter to one corner to tell her his intention about a person who doesn't eat puff-puff. According to Mr. Macaroni, he says a person who doesn't eat puff-puff is an abomination. Motunde tackles her daddy for say such a thing. While Mr. Macaroni gets to the living room, he sees Ay in a hurry state to leave his house. He (Mr. Macaroni) begins to ask him repeated questions but Ay gets irritated because he wants to leave. The puff puff he had stolen was beginning to burn his stomach. In the end, the puff-puff falls from his belly. Mr. Macaroni calls him "Puff Daddy."

Video below:

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