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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

(Video) Eyewitnesses reveal how an apprentice at Aspamda Trade Fair market died

Yesterday, it was reported that an apprentice was beaten to death by his master over theft of N35M (35 Million Naira). Eyewitnesses have come forward with different stories on how the sales boy (apprentice) died. (Read More Here).

According to one of the eyewitnesses, she says the master or boss or oga didn't beat the apprentice to death, rather he (apprentice) hung himself without revealing where he hide the millions of naira. The lady says the apprentice stole goods and properties worth over N35M from his boss, with the help of native charms (juju). He used the charms to blindfold his master, fellow sales boy and the manager while he was stealing the expensive goods. According to the lady, she says the policemen reported back to the master that his apprentice had commit suicide by hanging himself in cell. (Read More Here).

The second eyewitness says the Nwa boy was first tortured by his boss, but later ran away from the house to his village. The said master travelled to the boy's village and got his apprentice's parents arrested. The apprentice heard it and turned himself in to the police. He died in the police cell after he was tortured severely by the police officers. The eyewitness says the boss would have settled the late apprentice in December 2020 but moved it to Easter. Few weeks for the apprentice to be settled, he was accused of stealing. (Read More Here).

A member of traders and angry youths stormed the master's shop, broke into his shop and began to destroy his goods. The said master specialises in brakes and Master Rubber (brakes specialist). His shop name is Greenbase Int'L (International) Co. LTD, located at Aspamda Trade Fair, Ojo Local Government, Lagos state. 

Reports from Eyewitnesses below:
Amie_Jae said: "False False False!!!! The man never laid his hands on him. The boy stole his money and goods worth over 35 million and even saw some charms in his room at home which he confessed he used to confuse his oga and his fellow boys and manager. He called police on him and his father was even the one that surrendered him to his master after he ran away from home for 2weeks and police were looking for him. The father even slept in his master's house the very day he brought him back and the police picked him before his father. Just for the police to call them, both the master and the dad and they drove together to the station and police told them they're sorry, the boy hung himself in the cell. So the police are the ones that have a case. As investigations are ongoing as per the people on duty the night ot happened. These boys here are cult members who went to destroy the master's properties and goods."

Francisleo said: "You're wrong as in you got it all wrong. First of all, I'm not saying that stealing is good, no but then, the said master was supposed to settle the boy December 2020 (not 2021). Now, he shifted it to Easter. Now he alleged that the boy stole, tortured the boy in his house, then the boy ran away as it was too much to endure. The boss then travelled to the village and arrested his parents on hearing this, the boy surrendered and was taken into police custody, where he was severely tortured as instructed by the boss and he eventually died during the process."

Video below:

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