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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

(Video) Don Jazzy gets N500K for Rihanna's bone straight hair after tricking Mr. Macaroni

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "Freaky Mulato." His new comedy skit features popular music executive, Don Jazzy.

In the new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni is seen walking out of his compound to an unknown destination. He gets outside his compound and sees a pretty, young lady wearing a sexy dress with a VBank red cap on her head. He begins to tease the lady like he usually does to ladies.

He then asks the lady where she's heading. The lady tells him that she's going to the bank to send some cash to her mother. Mr. Macaroni begins to tell her that she's stressing herself as he tells her about VBank money app.

He tells the lady that he'll send some cash into her account via VBank app. The new VBank application can send money to anyone in Nigeria without using the receiver's account number or any details.

While Mr. Macaroni (Daddy Wa) is trying to send the money to the girl, she tries to tell him something; but Daddy Wa isn't ready to listen to her. In the end, he sends the sum of N500K to Freaky Mulato's account, which happens to be Don Jazzy's account. Don Jazzy appears in his jeep to mock Daddy Wa for sending money into his account. In the process, Don jubilates that his money to buy Rihanna a bone straight hair is finally complete. 

 Video below:

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