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Monday, April 26, 2021

(Video) Gay fashion guru buys Mercedes Benz as apology gift for boyfriend

A fashion guru and tycoon, Shane Justin Justin, has bought a new Mercedes Benz for his boyfriend, Greg, after they had a little misunderstanding during their romantic trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Taking to his social media platform, Shane Justin, shared a video and photos of the new Mercedes Benz he got as an apology gift to his boyfriend, Greg. Gregg is also a fashion guru and he's super rich.

He wrote: "I been with G for 6 years now and nope I'm not ready to let go. Let's go make these millions baby. Thanks @_jeflowers for helping fill this Benz up with Roses. @Mr.garmon sold me this car.

"Every relationship has problems and arguments but I'm sorry that it happened on social media so I decided to buy you a #GLE635 and fill it up with roses to show you how sorry I am. Now can I send a jet for you to come home? I miss you."

Video below:

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