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Saturday, May 29, 2021

(LISTEN) ESN sends "loud" warning to Nigerian military men & Hope Uzodinma

The leader of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), has sent a loud warning to Nigerian military men and Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma. The warning was sent in an "audio form."

The leader of ESN told Imo state residents that he and other warriors will show up on the streets of Imo State very soon. He assured that they will be victorious, even though, a few of them get killed.

The leader of the ESN, also pleaded with Imo state residents to stay indoors when they would face off with the Nigerian Military men, to avoid being shot by direct or stray bullets. He told the residents in Imo not to cry again, because there would be no killings in the state.

He also sent loud warnings to Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma. He told him that Biafra land isn't for him and he should find his identity in the North.

In his words, the leader of ESN says:

"The men you expect, you will see them.
And I want to assure you tonight. We won't disappoint you...
You may see disturbing videos on social media. Be rest assured that the warriors the heaven has chosen, will do the needful. And we are doing the needful.
Remember this words; they'll kill us, we'll kill them. In the end, our freedom will come.
And let me warn Hope Uzodinma. Start from now to look for a place to stay, not in Biafra land. I'll advise you, go to the North, that's where you belong."

Video below:

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