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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Nigerian man dies of heart attack after his wife gave birth for his "rich younger" brother

A source has revealed to Kossyderrickent that a Nigerian man has died after his wife gave birth for his younger brother who happens to be very rich. According to the source, the deceased has financial and accommodation problems. 

In a written message to Kossyderrickent, a source says that a Nigerian man died this morning after finding a birth mark on the body of the newborn his wife bore. His younger brother has the same birthmark found on the newborn. 

According to the information, he knew his wife was having an affair with his younger brother, but ignored it. 

The dead man ignored and failed to confront his younger brother for sleeping with his wife, because he was expecting financial help from his younger brother. According to the information, his younger brother had promised to start a business for him. For that reason, he kept calm and decided to allow his wife continue to sleep with his younger brother. 

He died this morning due to heart attack he got after seeing a resembling birthmark of his younger brother on the new baby bore by his wife. 

The source says: "My neighbor died of heart attack this morning. He knew his wealthy younger bro is sleeping with his wife but kept calm because he's living in younger Bro's house and he also promised to help start a business 4 him. Wife just gave birth to a baby boy with younger bro's birth mark."

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