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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Nigerian student vomits scorpion after 7 years of being poisoned by his girlfriend

A Nigerian student has finally vomited a scorpion after seven (7) years of being poisoned by his his ex-girlfriend. A close source to the Nigerian student has come forward to briefly explain what happened.

                   Graphic representation

According to the source, the undisclosed student (name withheld according to demand), was poisoned by his ex-girlfriend when he was in 300-level at the University. The situation made his parents lose their jobs because they went in search of a cure or solution. 

Narrating the true life story, the 300-level student received a call from his ex-girlfriend, who wanted to know why he suddenly broke up with her. The student gave some funny excuses. The lady then asked if she could visit him and also come along with food.

The student agreed because he had missed his ex-girlfriend. She finally came, they had sex and she dished the food she had brought from home for her ex-boyfriend. He ate and nothing happened until the following morning. Following morning came, the lady quickly ran away.

Few hours later, the 300-level student began to feel something walking inside his belly. The situation got worse until 7 years, when he was finally healed by a spiritualist. He vomited a scorpion, which had been tormenting him for 7 years. According to the source, the ex-girlfriend called the student and pleaded for forgiveness, and said she poisoned his food out of heartbreak.

The source says: "He was in 300L when he broke up with his girlfriend, so after couple weeks she called asking why they broke up and he gave silly excuses.

She then laughed and asked if she could come over and he said yes, he missed her and wanted a good time again. She came around, brought food along, they ate, had sex and slept. The next day, she said she was traveling and he told her good bye, he was really happy she came by 

The next day, he felt something moving and kicking him in his stomach, the pain was too much to bare, he cried. This continued for a week and turned to months. He had to leave school (at 300L) to find a solution.

His parents lost their jobs because they binged on finding a solution for him. They searched for a solution, tried different hospitals, churches, mosques, pastors, etc for SEVEN YEARS (7 years).

They found help shortly after 7 years and he vomited something that looked like a scorpion, after few days, his ex girlfriend called begging for forgiveness, according to him, he said she blamed it on heartbreak. He hung up and cried bitterly. This girl took 7 years of his life already. 7 good years out of a man’s life. Since then, I’ve been scared of women, literally everybody. People are bloody wicked David.
He’s currently in 400L at age 28."

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