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Thursday, May 27, 2021

(PHOTO) Nigerian doctor threatens to beat up female ghost disturbing him in his apartment

A Nigerian doctor, Max, has threatened to beat up a ghost disturbing him in his new apartment. According to him, he says it might be a doctor or a nurse. Dr. Max is currently living at an apartment given or rented to medical practitioners only. 

Taking to his Twitter page, Dr. Max, revealed that a female ghost has been disturbing and using his towel in his apartment. He also went ahead to share a photo of the towel, which was used by the ghost to wipe off her make up after returning from only God knows where. 

His statement reads: "I'm done with this female GHOST disturbing my nights. You slam my bathroom doors after using my shower, then use my clean WHITE towel and my stay at home shirts to clean her makeup after returning from (probably) a night party. EVERY NIGHT! Haba! 
Wish I snapped my white towel.

"Before soaking it in JIK for the 2nd time since Sunday. You'd be shocked.
I don't know what u are all about. U may have inhabited this place as a Doc or Nurse before u died and before i got this job but HEY, i'm the owner of this apartment now. You don't get to do what u want.

"If she tries this ONE MORE TIME, I'll reintroduce myself to her. Madam, I GO BEAT YOU! You and i are gon have a very serious problem. And when next you set your eyes on me, YOU WILL BE AFRAID. 
Just a frank rant.(But not a threat, a promise)." 

Photo of his towel:

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