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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

"Ghana police are raiding our houses and harassing us" - Troubled Nigerians in Ghana reveal

Since the circulation of the two videos, the one showing 494 Nigerians who are about to be deported; and the recent one showing Nigerians being asked to sit outside. Nigerians living in Ghana have reached out to our reporters through various means.

A Nigerian living in Ghana told our reporters that Ghana police are perpetrating evil by storming into houses or flats where Nigerians live just to harass them. The Nigerian man also says Ghana police are harassing and extorting money and goods from innocent Nigerians. 

The Nigerian man says: "I’m presently in Ghana now and this is a total lie. Ghana police are raiding Nigeria houses here. Harassing them, extortion and many other things. Who will speak for us?"

Another Nigerian told our reporters that many innocent Nigerians (who were accused of being involved in rituals, hard drugs, rape and Yahoo) are currently at Nsawan prison. The Nigerian man continued as he says their only crime is being a Nigerian. 

He didn't end there as the Nigerian man (asked to be kept anonymous) said that Ghanaians are supporting their government in the ill-treatment Nigerians are receiving in their country. 

The Nigerian man says: "Many Nigerians in Nsawan prison are innocent, their only crime is being Nigerians. Just remember that table turns and nothing lasts forever. We are taking records, but Ghanaians are supporting their government for the man inhumanity to mankind. Generations will ask y’all someday!!!"

Lastly, another Nigerian lady says that Abike's words that some of the Nigerians are jailbreakers is a lie. She says that for a week now, she and other Nigerians have been asked to do biometrics, which they obliged to. After the biometrics, none of us (Nigerians) are jailbreakers.

She says: "We were asked to do biometrics, which we all did. After doing it, none of us happened to be jailbreakers or involved in criminal practices. So why is Dabiri now saying some of us are jailbreakers?"

Video below:

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