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Friday, May 14, 2021

(Video) "I used Reverse Psychology" - Uduak Frank Akpan narrates how he killed Iniobong Umoren Ephraim

Famous killer and rapist, Uduak Frank Akpan, has narrated again how he killed and raped Iniobong Umoren Ephraim. Everything he said seemed like a lie. No single truth in what he said when being interviewed by journalists. (Read More Here).

In the afternoon today, Uduak Frank Akpan and his father were paraded by the police in Uyo, for everyone to see that they're still alive. Narrating how he killed Iniobong Umoren, he said it was in a form of self-defence. (Read More Here).

According to Uduak, he says he asked Ini if she could work in a farm that produces "hard drugs" as a secretary. He says that Ini agreed to accept the job, but when she came, he told her that there was no farm. From there, Iniobong fought so hard to run away from him, unfortunately it wasn't possible. (Read More Here).

He said: "I invited her for a job and I asked her whether she can work in a farm as secretary. I told her that I wanted to sleep with her first. She agreed on a condition that I will use condom which I also agreed to. She became furious when I started removing the condom, and she attacked me. I was bleeding so I needed to defend myself by hitting her which lead to her death." (Read More Here).

After saying the aforementioned statement, journalists began to ask him what he used to hit Iniobong Umoren Ephraim. He responded by saying that he retaliated by hitting a stabilizer on her head. 

A journalist tackled him and said that wasn't all he did to Iniobong. He said "Yes" and revealed that he later hit/stab Iniobong with a pressing iron in her abdomen area. She fell and died. 

When asked who owned the NYSC shoes that were found in his house. He responded by saying the shoes belonged to his mum and they usually used it to work on the farm. According to Uduak, he says he has raped six (6) ladies, but Iniobong was the first person he had ever killed. (Read More Here).

He also claimed that the books and clothes/dresses found in his house belong to him and his sisters. He said he used "Reverse Psychology" to lure Iniobong into his den. 

Video below:

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