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Sunday, May 9, 2021

(Video) Young girl kills newborn baby with bleach after being promised N20K

A very heartless lady, identified as, Mmesoma, in a far Eastern part of Nigeria, has been caught and made to confess after killing a newborn baby with a harmful liquid called "Hypo" - better known as, "Bleach." (Read More Here).

In the trending video, Mmesoma is seen holding the dead baby in her arms as she answered the little questions thrown at her by two unseen men in the background. 

According to her, she says she was promised the sum of N20K - (N20,000) to kill the baby for no reason. The lady who sent her on the mission is identified as, Chisom; whose face hasn't been seen for now.

The man in the background asked about Chisom's whereabouts, which Mmesoma claimed she knows. When asked if she knows or has any connection with the dead baby's mother. Mmesoma responded by saying she's knows the mother of the dead child.

Mmesoma claimed that Chisom and the dead baby's mother don't have anything in common - that's they don't know each other. 

The interviewer continued as he asked what she and the baby were fighting for that made her kill him - (dragging). She responded and said "Nothing." In the end, the second man asked her what she and the mother of the dead child did after she had already given "the baby" the Hypo to drink. She says she and the baby’s mother quickly reached out for "Crude oil", but unfortunately, the baby had already died.

Video below:

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