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Thursday, June 17, 2021

(Video) Moment Nigerian cultists enter building of their rival cult group in Sharjah, UAE, captured by CCTV

Recall that yesterday we posted an article of Nigerian guys, presumed to be the cult rival group, showing how they were badly bleeding and wounded during cult clash at their apartment in Rolla Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - UAE.

In the new trending video, the moment the other cult rival group stormed the building of their enemies has been captured by the CCTV footage obtained from the building's security room. 

In the video, the other cultists were seen as they entering the building in the large number and with cutlasses or machetes in their hands. One after the other, they were entering the elevator/lift, which took them straight to their enemies' apartment.

They stormed their cult rival group's apartment, and a fight began between the two cult groups. In the end, the cult rival group who were ambushed got injured
Luckily, no one was killed, but wounds were sustained.

According to information reaching Kossyderrickent, it has that there was a clash between two different cult groups at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on Tuesday at exactly 2:24PM.

In the trending video, a few suspected members from the rival cult group were seen on the ground outside their apartment in Sharjah. No fewer than 6 of them were seen bleeding. 

One of the suspected cultist said in Igbo that he doesn't know why he and his gang were attacked by the other rival cult members. Their bodies were badly brutalised with cutlass.

Video below:

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