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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

"Thank you for the sacrifices" - Nigerian-Canadian rapper, Dax says as he celebrates his parents; mother and father

Nigerian-Canadian rapper and singer, Daniel Nwosu jr., has thanked his parents for all the sacrifices they carried out for him to be a successful singer and an educated young man. (Read More Here).

Taking to his Facebook page, Dax shared photos of him and his parents from his convocation ceremony. Dax said the proudest moment of his life was when his parents saw him graduate from college or university. 

Dax wrote:

"ALL LOVE goes to my parents today. They’ve now been together for 35 years. This was still the proudest moment of my life. The day they saw me GRADUATE COLLEGE. They were both born in NIGERIA... My mother was born in Aba and is IGBO and my Father was born in Lagos and is also IGBO but speaks YORUBA as well. Anyone who has Nigerian parents or just African parents in general knows the expectation they have for their children is very high especially educational wise and occupational wise. 

"My parents were never happy with my initial decisions to play basketball and then make music but they also knew the importance of allowing me to take my life by force and create the future I wanted so they left me alone once they saw how focused I was and that I wasn’t going to quit. In African culture it’s the child’s responsibility to repay their parents for bringing you into this world. We come in, they take care of us, and as they get older we take care of them. 

"NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s one my BIGGEST motivations everyday I wake up. What they gave me wasn’t a dollar amount and I’m happy and appreciate the struggle we went through growing up. They set an example of how to work hard and expect nothing from anyone and I followed those footsteps and put myself through college with a full basketball scholarship and now am putting myself through the real world INDEPENDENTLY with music for the people spread by the people. Thank you mom and dad for your sacrifices. I love you. And shoutout to all the parents in the world."

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