(Video) Reason BBNaija Liquorose said Angel can’t talk to her outside the house after her clash with Boma during Boomplay task has finally been REVEALED KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, September 4, 2021

(Video) Reason BBNaija Liquorose said Angel can’t talk to her outside the house after her clash with Boma during Boomplay task has finally been REVEALED

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Big Brother Naija star of Season 6, Liquorose, told Tega and Boma that Angel can't talk to her outside the house after her clash during Boomplay task. (Read More Here).

Recall that a day ago, Boma and Angel fought each other verbally, which made Angel challenge Boma beautifully and boldly. After their clash, Liquorose went to ask Boma what had happened between him and Angel that day. 

Boma explained, which made Liquorose tell him that he would have ignored and not abuse Angel's parents and also not to call her a "Bastard." That moment, Liquorose told Boma that when she had a little fight with Angel, she had to ignore her. 

It was that moment she (Liquorose) told Boma that if they were outside, Angel wouldn't even be able to see, talk more of talking to her anyhow. 

Liquorose tells Boma and Tega:

“Angel can’t talk me anyhow outside the house, It’s not like am trying to brag but on a normal day she can’t see me anywhere outside the house, she can only talk to me through the comment section."

The Instagram and social media handler of Liquorose has reacted to the news that Liquorose supported Boma in bullying Angel. The handler wrote:

"Silence” they say is GOLDEN.
But sometimes SILENCE too can mean complicity.
The last two days have been a little strange and hard on us. It's been quite difficult to sit back and watch as FALSE stories and doctored videos were and are still being circulating round about Liquorose.

"One thing you CANNOT take away from Liquorose is the POSITIVITY she exudes.
Two days ago an issue came up between two of her fellow housemates(Boma and Angel) after which she went to ask Boma what triggered the issue and after hearing she told him he “COULD HAVE IGNORED or WALKED AWAY” just like she did when something similar happened at the beginning of the show between her and the same person.

"You all will recall that some weeks ago, the same girl had an altercation with LIQUOROSE, where she told Liquorose to "USE HER FUCKIN HEAD”!!! This of-course, triggered Rose to tell the girl that “She cannot tell her such, outside the house, face to face on a normal day, as she doesn't think such a situation would ever arise, unless maybe in the comment section.

"She did NOT in any way support or encourage bullying.
She used herself as an example on how she ignored when something similar happened as it is quite impossible not to be offended in the house by anyone. This was a very wise advice if we all are going to be HONEST.
Blogs and other sites have been trying their hardest using incomplete/doctored videos to misconstrue her words and this does not feel right.

"We already have a lot going on with Rose and this is making everything worse.
Liquorose would NEVER look down on anyone neither is she a negatively proud person.
Her reign as HOH is proof to this.

"STOP trying to look for new ways to sabotage and decamp Liquorose.
She is a housemate just like every other person and she went into that house for the same goal everyone went in for.

"To LIQUORLIONS/ROSEARMY, we are proud of how well most of you have taken this and tried to clear the air while sticking to her side.
Thank you for seeing the sweetness in Liquorose and choosing her regardless!
We love you all.

Video below:

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