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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Igbinedion jailed for beating and strangling his girlfriend, Katy Lyles, in the U.K

A jealous' professional Nigerian-born rugby player who str*ngled his girlfriend and pulled a kn!fe on her during an abusive two-year relationship has been jailed for three years. (Read More Here).

According to reports, Daniel Igbinedion, 26, was sentenced on Tuesday over repeated attacks on insurance broker Katy Lyles, 35, that left her feeling "like a prisoner" in her own home.

It is reported that in October, the jury found Ig­bin­edion guilty of three separate charges between May 2018 and March 2020. The victim in a statement said she believed the suspect was a "decent guy". But he quickly became "very possessive and jealous" - leaving her scared of what he would do to her and her family.

Speaking after sentencing, she said: "About six months into our relationship he became physically vi!lent, and showed me that he had a very evil side to him." The court previously heard that the 6ft 2 prop forward had once attacked Ms Lyles after a night out in “33ds, leaving her with bruises on her neck and momentarily unable to breathe.

On another occasion he was said to have picked her up and slung her over his shoulder to carry her out of a Christmas party in Liverpool in 2018. The suspect was also said to have driven erratically and aggressively pursuing her car after his behaviour had led the 35-year-old at risk of taking her own life.

The court heard how she now suffers flashbacks, anxiety and sleepless nights, having been scarred by the various incidents.  
Ms Lyles said: “He tried to k!ll me. He tried to strangle me. Daniel pointed a kn!fe at me.”

The court later heard that Igbinedion had sufferex from mental health issues and had pertained to have undertaken an anger management course while in custody.

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