Mixed reactions amongst Mzansi as Gauteng High Court declares Jacob Zuma's medical parole 'unlawful' KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mixed reactions amongst Mzansi as Gauteng High Court declares Jacob Zuma's medical parole 'unlawful'

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gauteng High Court has declared Jacob Zuma's medical parole unlawful, orders him to return to jail. 

"It is declared that the time Zuma was out of jail on medical parole should not be counted for the fulfilment of Zuma's sentence of 15 months imposed by the Constitutional Court," the court ruled on Wednesday morning.

After the news began to go viral, Mzansi rushed to social media to react. According to a few South Africans, they said how can the high court try to take back a 7 9-year-old to jail. 

Another set of South Africans are saying that Zuma should face the punishment squarely. 

Reactions from South Africans below:

Im confused, did Jacob Zuma give himself Parole? Why should he be punished for the decision of DCS? How is this law applied? Everything is taken personally when it comes to Jacob Zuma.

Arresting President Zuma will never be at the interest of justice, it a matter of dealing with him to show black people that anyone who dare touch the system will never find peace, this is war against black people in SA, this is war against the poor, we shall fight until the end.

The persecution of President Jacob Zuma is going to back fire.

So are we going to see the same looting and riots as we’ve had in July now that Zuma has been ordered back to jail? The looters will now have a reason to do all their Xmast shopping for free, mos.

Songezo Zibi
I’ll say this again, we must never yield to people who threaten anarchy if they’re held accountable by our courts. If we do, then we don’t have a republic. We have a jungle. So looting or not, if the courts say Zuma must go to jail, then he must.

Sending a 79 year old man to jail 10 days before Christmas is NOT in pursuit of JUSTICE nor is it in the interest of this country, its people and the economy. Not when we all know what happened in July.
A MISTAKE repeated more than once is a DECISION.

Carl Niehaus
This is gross injustice, 
 was illegally imprisoned without a trial in the first place. Our courts are fully captured. All South Africans who believe in justice must totally oppose Nxamalala's return to jail!

I see Another looting, since they want uBaba Pres Zuma to back to jail.

Zuma is going back to jail, but the reason for arrest in the first place was unlawful too. The Commission is not a court. I may not be a fan of Zuma but it’s the inconsistency for me.

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