WHATSAPP SCREENSHOTS show Naledi Sibisi's rapist raped her without using a condom and he started from her balcony KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

WHATSAPP SCREENSHOTS show Naledi Sibisi's rapist raped her without using a condom and he started from her balcony

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African lady, Naledi Sibisi, has cried out on social media after being raped by her neighbour who happens to be a lawyer in her apartment. (Read More Here).

Taking to her Twitter page, Naledi Sibisi, shared WhatsApp Screenshots of her conversations between her and the rapist. 

From the WhatsApp Screenshots, Naledi Sibisi, it shows the yet-to-be identified neighbour raped her without using a condom and he started raping he from the balcony. 

But from their conversations, the yet-to-be identified neighbour is seen trying to discuss further with Naledi Sibisi, but she wasn't interested as she kept insisting that he raped her. 

She wrote:

"On Friday night I was raped in my apartment. I am not saying this for sympathy or empathy, I am saying it because it happened. I am safe and in safe hands but I want to acknowledge everyone who believed me. Everyone who this has happened to understands what this feels like. 

"I have fluctuated between anger, hurt and disbelief. For days. I thank God because there is a bigger plan for me, trust and believe. I know I’m probably going to get a lecture about even sharing this but I want women out there to know I believe them and I back them. 

"I literally look like shit lmao. My face is swollen cause all I’ve been doing is crying, drinking and sleeping. Sorry, one more thing. I took these screenshots because I remember everything and I was scared no one would believe me. He really tried to gaslight meI 

My neighbor who I trusted hence allowed him into the house. If there is one thing I use this platform for let it be this. And he’s a lawyer how fucking ironic.

"Don’t fucking vex me. The only reason I even shared is because of how you guys lie and discredit women. Don’t piss me off pls. Why would i lie?" 

WhatsApp Screenshots below:

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