EXCLUSIVE: Togolese legendary footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor, allegedly sleeps with women for free KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, January 14, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Togolese legendary footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor, allegedly sleeps with women for free

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Togolese legendary footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor, sleeps with ladies for free (he doesn't pay them). (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, an accurate Nigerian blogger, Cutie_Juls, revealed that Emmanuel Adebayor doesn't pay ladies after having sex with them in his house. 

According to the blog, once Emmanuel Adebayor is done with a lady, he would dismiss her by giving her some excuses. In the end, he won't pay the lady, because he has stylishly paid off the ladies from what they had ate and the cars they used during their visit in his residence. 

Cutie_Juls wrote:

"girls, you see man like Uncle Adebayor? He get format pass.
If you dey do runs o, you dey search for love o, no look him side o unless you get mind sey na him be your own.
Do you know his format wey him dey take hustle kpekus for Accra, Ghana?
It’s ’s been alleged that after sliding into your DM or meeting at a party, pub is etc.

"He will usually invite you home on a Weekend. Mostly either Friday or Saturday. Then because he is a single guy, he will let you feel so comfortable in the house that will make you feel wow! I don hammer correct guy wey go take me serious abi marriage sef.

"Like he will give you charge over domestic staff, driver, even dogs as the madam of the house. You will have full access to the whole house.
All weekend him go gbenz you wella.

"On the day he wants you are to leave eehn, he will wake up very early to go for a quick meeting telling and that he’ll be back shortly so he will go and drop you off. 
That is when you need your village people to help you.

"He won’t return o. Then he will later call you and usually go like “babe, you know there is this thing I’m doing with Togo government bla bla bla so I got an update and I have to rush to Togo etc. You let the driver drop you off. I’ll be back let’s say next tomorrow and I’ll come straight to yours or send driver to pick you up bla bla bla.

"My sister, na bad market you jam so. Him don chop your Aso rock for freeeee. mission accomplished, shishi you no get. Na all that food wey you chop for him house, the expensive drinks you had, the good times you had with him.. na those ones be your pay.
As for even coins, you no go see for him hand.

"Abeg ladies, dey careful when you meet Uncle Ade. No come cry to Cutie after o. I don give you him format.. Abeg use your sense.
No man like the legend, Adebayo.. good son of Africa.. we greet you."

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