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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

VIDEO: MUTHI: Kelly Khumalo seen performing ritual at roadside river

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African songstress, Kelly Khumalo, has been seen performing ritual at roadside river. (Read More Here).

She has definitely proved Jub Jub right when he told the world that Kelly Khumalo uses "Muthi."

In the trending video, Kelly, is seen walking on a major road. Suddenly, she stopped and crossed over to the river side to throw something in form of a sacrifice (ritual). 

Previous Article:

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that singer and actor, Jub Jub, is ready to spill a lot off his chest in a forthcoming podcast with MacG. 

According to information, the production and recording of his episode with MacG have been done, but will be released to the general public on Wednesday, December1, 2021. 

Taking to his Twitter page, MacG, shared a glimpse video from his interview with Jub Jub. In the short clip, Jub Jub is heard saying he isn't going to filter his words or statements, and he isn't going to care if anyone feels upset. 

Jub Jub continued as he said he's got files of everybody (his statement seems to be directed to his fellow celebrities or anyone he has done business with). 

Finally, he reveals that Kelly Khumalo uses muthi (he spat). Muthi in Zulu is referred to as "traditional medicine", more like "herbs."

He says:

"You know why you brought me here. 
I'm not going to filter. 
I don't care who's going to be upset... Who's real or fake. 
I gat files on everybody...
Everyone knows Kelly Khumalo uses muthi."

Video below:

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