21-year-old lady, Njambi Fever, calls out ex-boyfriend, Kavin Donnell Otieno, for cheating on her with her friend, Stephanie KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

21-year-old lady, Njambi Fever, calls out ex-boyfriend, Kavin Donnell Otieno, for cheating on her with her friend, Stephanie

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it a 21-year-old lady, Njambi Fever, has called out her ex-partner, Kavin Otieno Donnell, for cheating on her with her friend, Stephanie. (Read More Here).

Taking to her Twitter page, Njambi Fever, began to open about how she met a 'perfect demon' in guise of a young guy, Kavin Donnell. According to her, Kavin had no red flag when he first met her. 

After sometime, Kavin decided not to communicate with Njambi, which made her become worried. She began to post his pictures on all social media and also asking his friends if they had seen him. 

Surprisingly, Njambi, found out that she and her friend, Stephanie, were dating the same person. 

Njambi Fever wrote:

I met this Kavin Otieno of a guy and he was too good to be true. Ninja akakuwa more like a best friend bana. We became so close I trusted him polepole with time. He had zero red flags and I was sure this dude is heavenly sent! Maajabu

"Jamaa told me he has a crazy ex mwenye amekataa kumuacha but he's over her, I believed him kama mjinga😂 coz I was also from a toxic relationship that he knew! Kidogo kidogo nimespend time na yeye tushazoeana kabisaaaa.

"Fast forward, we are now dating and being great friends at the same time too.. God! This man is dropping me off at work and picking me up almost daily. We go eat dinner, watch movies... literally whatever any couple does.

"He tells me that anaenda Nairobi on Thursday and will be back on Monday.I had no issue at all coz huyu ni mtu naweza pea mtoto literally! I trust him excess. Sijawai mshuku ata kidogo.Kubishana ata ni once in like forever.I have his passwords but I don't even go through his phone.

"Thursday ikafika, ni siku ya kutravel... he leaves & calls me like after every one hour kuniambia amefika place fulani, anafuel gari, anakula lunch... yaani giving me details! I loved, kama the mjinga that I am!!!.

"Jioni he texts me vile yuko up and down he will call once he settles, I reply "Okay" Coz I was sure he would call. Usiku nikalala. Friday ikafika, no text, no missed call, no snap, nothing.

"I get ready for work and call him while I get to work, still he doesn't pick up. I keep calling and sending messages, nothing. Jioni inafika, najiconsole nigga yuko busy tu lakini ata usiku yote, nothing!

"Saturday is here, I get to work. Now I'm seriously panicking... I have zero contact, like his family and all juu he keeps painting them some certain image and I have never talked to them. I still keep calling, simu inaita but haishikwi (PART 2 is where the real tea is!!!).

Still zero communication so I decide to ask his mutual friends kama they have heard anything from this guy. I ask two of his friends and DM a certain chic on IG. I was genuinely concerned!!

"Mjinga kupanic ikafanya I srart posting him on my whatsapp and close friends on IG, crying that my mans might be missing. Sijai shtuka hivo. Huyu ni mtu I see daily and talk to daily! Then it's nearly 3 business days and nights, kidogo sipumui.

"So this mutual friend of ours then tells me he's okay, niwache kupanic bure.. he will be back soon. That's when I got BIG MAD! Juu mimi ata nimepiga simu Port, kusema I need his next of kin's contacts naanza kuambiwa nifuate the right protocol nkt juu I'm sure nigga is missing!

"Alafu unashika simu ya Boyz wako lakini zangu is where you draw the line! Nimedharauliwa before but this!!?? @kavin_donnell Bana!!!! You did me dirty!

"Now I flood his phone with messages and calls lakini wapi!! Niliambulia patupu until these next screenshots killed me. 

"So me and babygirl Stephanie have been dating the same guy!! That's her name. I just laughed coz what?? Nigga ameiva kucheza games I would've never thought! Okay ingekuwa like you know tripping and cheating kidogo it's a weakness for most men but DATING us both????

"Without any of us suspecting? was big mad!Decided to get her contacts and call her tujicheke kwanza kumbe she's in Nairobi looking for him too and asking the same people I have been asking whether they have heard from him!Apparently he has never gone a day without talking to her. 

"Sasa nashangaa kitu moja, I spend most of the time with this guy especially my nights till morning juu mostly during the day I'm working na weekends when I'm free we are always together!!?? Lakini Stephanie anasema huwa wanavideo call mchana kama mara tatu daily

"Na huwa anamuamsha every morning 7AM for class na huwa nimelala hapo. I talked to this girl on phone nearly 20mins, sikuwa naamini !!She also trusted this guy so much his classmates walikuwa wanashangaa huyu boyfriend yake ako na free time mob aje??

"Juu video calls na messages habahatishi! Time yake yuko nayo. She told me last December alikuja coast for a one week vacay na jamaa akam host till Christmas. Mimi mans aliniambia anaenda ushago hiyo wiki nikampea space akasema anarudi before Christmas

"Mind you that morning he was picking her up SGR aliniamsha 4 niende kwangu, juu he has a long drive ahead...Akanidrop alafu akamuendea !!! But I would call him and he would call me too so sielewi how he calculates his moves aki!! Mwathani!!!!" 

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