VIDEO: Letter written of $12,000 by 'Black Panther' director, Ryan Coogler, to Bank of America teller REVEALED KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, March 10, 2022

VIDEO: Letter written of $12,000 by 'Black Panther' director, Ryan Coogler, to Bank of America teller REVEALED

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that popular Hollywood director, Ryan Coogler, was placed in handcuffs after an employee at the Bank of America alerted them over suspected bank robbery. (Read More Here).

In the trending video, Ryan Coogler, is seen at the counter standing after he had finished writing the withdrawal letter for his $12,000. Surprisingly, the cops walked into the bank and said their popular statement. 

According to information, a bank staff had called the cops on Ryan over belief he's an armed robber trying to rob the bank. Reports have it that the police department have apologised to director over false arrest. 
Ryan Coogler is a director of Black Panther and Creed. The incident reportedly happened in Atlanta. The written letter from Ryan Coogler asking for his withdrawal to be made discreet is revealed and it's down below the article. 

According to the police report, Coogler had passed a withdrawal slip to the teller with a note written on the back, asking her for discretion when handing him $12,000 in cash. After being cuffed, he was escorted to a squad car outside the bank.

Coogler, who also directed the 2013 film "Fruitvale Station," was heard asking police to Google his name.

While at the back seat, Ryan Coogler explained his part. 

"If you run my name, you'll understand why you should take off these cuffs," he told officers while being held against the car.

"If I don't write out on a note how much I want out, and that I don't want it ran through the money counter right at the desk, the whole bank ends up looking at me," he told police. 

Reactions from African-Americans below:

James III
y’all Ryan Coogler was about to die for being Black and having 12,000 dollars. 

W. Kamau Bell
Stories like this often get framed as "celebrity news", but this is a story about systemic racism.
If this happened to Ryan Coogler at that bank, then that bank has done this to Black folks who didn't direct one of the biggest films of all time. 

The crazy thing about this Ryan Coogler situation is it all started because he was trying to be discreet.  

Fierce Love Can Heal Us
“What was Ryan Coogler using $12k to pay for, anyway?”
Probably his own damn business. 

Be A King
I reiterate my gratitude that Ryan Coogler is still with us. I’m praying for him. I just don’t think so many understand or are even trying to understand the trauma he was subjected to. 

chris evans
“Black Panther” and “Creed” director Ryan Coogler was detained and handcuffed by Atlanta police after he asked a Bank of America teller to withdraw $12,000 in cash from his own checking account. They thought he was trying to rob the bank, and called the police. 

This Ryan Coogler bank situation has me spooked because the bank teller literally could have caused this man’s death. Her and her manager also put everyone’s life in danger when they relied on police before verifying whether or not he was a BOA customer. 

Video below:

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