VIDEO: Teacher Assistant (PYEI) gets assaulted after calling an elderly man 'Marete' at Kempton Park Police Station KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, March 14, 2022

VIDEO: Teacher Assistant (PYEI) gets assaulted after calling an elderly man 'Marete' at Kempton Park Police Station

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it a yet-to-be identified The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative teacher assistant has received slaps from a man at Kempton Park Police Station. (Read More Here).

According to the video, the young girl called an elderly man a 'Marete', which is really an offensive word in South Africa. After calling him a 'Marete', the mature man began to slap her. 

From the video, he slapped her no less than 2-3 times. Information has it that the PYEI assistant has been sent to the police station to do police clearance. 

Smurfy_Smurfed wrote:

"A Teacher Assistant (PYEI) was assaulted at Kempton Park Police Station.

"PYEI's been sent to the police station's to do Police Clearance. This man from Friday been insulting these assistants and today happened words were exchanged. Basically we been sent back and forth to go to our nearest police stations whatnot. I mean they all packed!!!

"What you cannot do is tell us how special we think are, we stupid and useless, insult after insult ... To ask, to get informed you gonn flip on us??? Siyam'crowder yini??? We were sent nathi. 

"They'd cut lines and tell us about the system yet would let other people (different color) go through, I didn't wanna take it this far buh that's what happened.

"Worse they tried to brush it all off and stood for this man (his colleagues). This girl opened a case and only then they tried to reason with her. Now she gonn get her ear checked.

"YES... It is immoral and uncultured and mostly disingenuous." 

Video below:

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