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Saturday, April 9, 2022

NETFLIX: Statements of Kelly Khumalo, Longwe Thwala, Tumelo Madlala and Chicco, over death of Senzo Meyiwa

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the statements from Kelly Khumalo, Longwe Thwala, Tumelo Madlala and Mthoko, have been summarised. (Read More Here).

M.M details:

"Senzo: A Murder of A Soccer Star. 
A summary of stories given by Kelly Khumalo, Zandile Khumalo, Ntombi Khumalo, Longwe Twala, Tumelo Madlala, Mthoko and Senzo's widower Mandisa Meyiwa. 
Who killed Senzo Meyiwa? 

On the 26th April 2014, Senzo Meyiwa is shot dead at his girlfriend's mother's house Kelly Khumalo. 
- At the time of the murder it said there were 7 people inside the house.
- The people in the house allege it was a robbery gone wrong.

- Tumelo says the murder happened shortly before 21H00
- They were drinking in the house before 2 men came in and demanded their cellphones and money
- Longwe was the first person to stand up and push the one of the robbers off.

- Longwe says he was the first person to run out and seek for help.
- He thinks Senzo was shot while protecting Kelly. 
- He didn't have his cellphone to call for help. 
- In his other statement, he had his cellphone with him hence robbers could not take it.

SIFISO MEYIWA *Senzo's brother* 
- He received a call that Senzo has been shot. 
- Passerby heard gunshots and hid for more than 2 hours outside Kelly's house but no intruder leaves the house. 
- Neighbor says he and his wife heard squabbling and blew the whistle for attention.

"NOKUTHULA MEYIWA *Senzo's older sister* 
- Claims to have received a call from Kelly Khumalo saying Senzo has been hurt while breaking up a fight between Zandie and her boyfriend Longwe Thwala.

"*It is revealed that Kelly made 3 calls that night* 
- She called Mandisa (Senzo's wife), Nokuthula and Chicco Thwala
*It also appeared that the intruders only took Kelly's phone of all the phones that were in the house* to later be traced to a hostel where it was switched off. 

alleges he saw the police docket and one of the neighbors documented an order of the house being cleaned of the alcohol bottles and Senzo's blood before the police could arrive. 
- Police say they found no bullet/shell casing at the crime scene.

*It is revealed that Kelly and Zandie went to see an unnamed traditional healer 5 hours after Senzo's death for a cleansing ceremony* 
- The sangoma was later found beat and dumped in the middle of the road. 
- She was also threatened to not testify in court.

*Details before the murder* 
- Kelly claims to be stalked by an unknown woman. 
- Kelly confronts the woman and learns it is Senzo Meyiwa's wife Mandisa Mkhize. 
- Upon a hitted confrontation Kelly and Zandie attack Mandisa with keys and pull her hair.

*Details before the murder* 
- Kelly finds out she's pregnant on the same she finds out Senzo is married and had been lied to by Senzo.
*It emerges that Senzo's plan was not to have a relationship with Kelly but to just have a one night stand*

"MTHOKO *Senzo's best friend*
- Mthoko is friends with both Mandisa and Senzo
- He refuses to give details about what happened at the house
*It is revealed that Mthoko is Mandisa's family friend.

- Mandisa comes from a well-off family
- She marries Senzo Meyiwa on the 1st October 2011.
*It is revealed that Mandisa knew Senzo had other girlfriends* 
- It is said Senzo was in the process of fixing his marriage with Mandisa while he was seeing Kelly.

- Senzo tells Mandisa that Kelly was gonna
get an abortion.
- Kelly is accused of manipulating Senzo using Senzo's twin brother 'Siya' who passed away while they were kids.
- Mandisa left work because of her gut feeling and found Senzo with Kelly at her home.

- Mandisa gets sick and starts to lose weight.
- Senzo leaves sickly Mandisa to spend time with Kelly.
*It is revealed that Senzo was planning to have Kelly as his second wife and Mandisa was aware of these plans* 
- Senzo introduced Kelly to his family. 

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