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Monday, April 25, 2022

Nigeria Police, Media Framing Mkponala Maker (Local Gun) as Bomb Manufacturer - Ohagi

We all know what is Mkpọnaala.

Mkpọnaala is a type of local gun Igbo people use during celebration, especially Burial ceremony. Every Igbo man and woman know about this and what it is used for. (Read More Here).

This is what Nigerịa police and Vanguard News are reporting as bomb and showcasing an innocent business man as bomb manufacturer, just because they want to frame and lie against IPOB. Can you beat this? Onye na agba Mkpọnaala is now a bomb manufacturer for IPOB?

What are Nigerịa government planning this time? Are they planning to introduce bomb explosion and set out to use vanguard and other news media to cement it. Maybe when finally a bomb goes off, people will say oh it is IPOB.

Have you noticed the latest ploy by Nigerịa government using media to tag IPOB as terr-orist? Their target are those of our brothers living abroad. They know they are the backbone of the struggle, since they can't get them to imprison as they do to those back home. They want them to be seen as terr-orist. That's why they are using media, both foreign and local to tell lies against IPOB.

Breitbart is an American online news with more than 4 million followers on Faceb00k. Nigerịa government bribed them and they lied that it was IPOB that opened fire on civilians in Orlu on Easter Sunday. That's when it was actually Nigerịa soldiers that came kị́lling many Igbo civilians on an Easter Sunday. This was captured on video by locals and trended on twitter with #OrluIsBleeding hashtag. Among all the news media in Nigerịa, it was only Guardian Nigeria that reported what exactly happened.

We have reached a time where a news media will be paid to lie even against the dead as to demonize the innocent. But Biafrans have died in 1967-70 because British government used BBC World Service to brand them Rebels. The world believed BBC. It became normal and moral for them to wipe off the Rebels. And at the end, more than 3.5 million Biafrans died in the hands of Nigerịa government with British weapons and militias.

Are you going to allow a second genocide? I am asking those children their fathers were killed in millions due to the lies of BBC. It is clear to even the blind that it was Nigerịa soldiers that did the kị́llings in Orlu, but they have the money to bribe foreign media. Will you let them succeed this time?

This is the time for everyone to wake up. Where ever you are, you must wake up and be proactive. IPOB units across the world should gather themselves and take our stories to the local news media wherever they are living and sponsor it. Take what happened in Orlu and sponsor it. Contribute among yourselves and get it on print. We must tell Nigerịa government that like the Jews, Igbo people are everywhere. Remember that I am not suggesting to IPOB leadership, for they can't do everything for Biafrans, I am telling IPOB units around the world to consider this. Biafrans need to saturate every where with our own stories. Biafrans must put their oppressors and enemies in the defencive. Are you in USA, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA OR ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, start getting Biafra stories sponsored.

Why am I saying this? If Biafrans allow them to keep tagging Biafrans terro-rists unchanged, when they are the terro-rist, then it will affect all of us.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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