Babalo Madikizela is contesting the Eastern Cape ANC chairmanship on a promise to redirect investment to the province; he challenges Oscar Mabuyane KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, May 6, 2022

Babalo Madikizela is contesting the Eastern Cape ANC chairmanship on a promise to redirect investment to the province; he challenges Oscar Mabuyane

Babalo Madikizela has characterised his ANC Eastern Cape chairperson candidature and slate as that of underdogs who are up against the establishment. (Read More Here).

At a vigil held on Friday morning and attended by delegates supporting his slate for control of the ANC in Eastern Cape, two leader hopefuls organised supporters on a reset gospel of a truly united ANC devoid of vote buying.

Addressing delegates from regions across the province, he painted his slate as hostile to the social, economic and political principles of a ruling class.

After last month’s postponement, the ANC in Eastern Cape will eventually get on with the business of electing leaders this weekend. The conference is set to begin on Saturday while Friday is reserved for the registration of delegates. 

The race is between Oscar Mabuyane and Madikizela for chairmanship of the province, with Mabuyane seeking a second term. Legislature deputy speaker Mlibo Qoboshiyane is also vying for the same position. 

In the Mabuyane slate, Mlungisi Mvoko is contesting the position of deputy chairperson against Xolile Nkompela in the Madikizela slate. 

Lulama Ngcukayitobi is in the Mabuyane slate as provincial secretary while Ntuthu is vying for the same position in the other slate. 

The rest of the contenders under the Madikizela slate are Weziwe Tikana for deputy secretary and Andile Lungisa as treasurer. 

On the Mabuyane slate the rest of the contenders are Helen Sauls-August for deputy secretary and Nanziwe Rulashe for treasurer.

Madikizela made bribery allegations while addressing his supporters in the early hours on Friday. 

He told the few hundred people gathered that they should be wary of "power officials" who attempted to lure them into changing their votes by giving them money. 

He alleged that the conference was so crucial in changing the province's direction that bribery was likely. 

He said: 

They will give you money because they are part of the establishment. They are the haves. Take the money, comrades but do the right thing. Let's remain focused, and let's stay disciplined. This is the most important election in the history of the ANC in this province. Therefore we mustn't lose focus.
"We must go shop with the money you will be given because you will be bribed. Keep that money and eat it on Monday. Take the money and go vote. When you close the conference on Sunday, you can go shopping. We have a long weekend. We must be part of making history," Madikizela said to his supporters. 

Mabuyane was on the opposing end of the bribery allegations. He insisted, without naming Madikizela, that those who made allegations about bribes should report it instead of stirring fear among voting delegates hours ahead of the conference. 

"I have never been in the ANC for money, and I do not have money. What we know is that that is an act of misconduct. Whoever has spoken about it must come forward because that is an act of misconduct. If you begin to do that with the purpose of influencing the outcomes, that person must be attended to and dealt with. Whoever spoke about this matter they must report it formally." 

Mabuyane had teamed up with Madikizela in 2017 to win the leadership race in the province, but the duo had since fallen out. 

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