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Friday, May 6, 2022

Black American women celebrate after Kevin Samuels confirmed dead

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that controversial American YouTuber, Kevin Samuels, has died. 

According to information, he literally passed away after short battle with cardiac arrest. His death has been confirmed by close friends and a few trusted sources. 

After the news of his death began today and go viral, a few Black American women began to go on social media to celebrate his death. 

Reactions from American women:

Hoochie Whore
All I can say about Kevin Samuels is if you spend your time disrespecting people in life, don’t be surprised at people disrespecting you in death. No matter how cruel it may be, the legacy you leave behind will be known by the fruit you bore while you were here.

Lex | Houston Lifestyle Blogger
If Kevin Samuels has a 1,000,000 haters i’m one of them. If he has a 1,000 haters i’m still one of them. If he has 1 hater it’s me. If Kevin Samuels has 0 haters it means I have left this world.

Kevin Samuels told broke men & mediocre faced women to shoot in their range and only one group wants him dead because of it. LMFAO.

Corie 🇯🇲
>Kevin Samuels the same nigga that said not to not believe a child about sexual assault because kids “lie”
Ain’t no way that’s the nigga y’all having a moral high ground over man lmao. 

Rae The Writer
I don’t believe Kevin Samuels is dead, for the record. But me not feeling bad if he is doesn’t mean I’m “celebrating” it. He went out of his way to be cruel. 
We are not required to mourn virtues he didn’t show. And asking black women, of all ppl, to show tact is audacious. 

mr. scrooged
kevin samuels made a career off of bashing women and upholding oppressive gender standards and y’all want us to take the high road when we find out he passed away.

Robot Tussin🤮
Kevin samuels died WHAT now who are the fatherless niggas going to look up to now.

So you’re telling me Kevin samuels had high cholesterol and had a whole heart attack and wanted to talk about fat women????

Previous Article:

Taking to social media, 1Anton Daniels, said that Kevin Samuels has passed away. Rumours of his death began to viral on May 5, 2022, across all States in America. 

The cause of his death is still unknown. A few black American women are currently excited over his death. 

1Anton Daniels wrote: "Kevin Samuels. 
Rest in peace, my friend. 
You accomplished a lot in your limited on this earth. 

"I loved you while you were here."

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