DABABY: "I'm the leader of HIP Hop in Nigeria" - M.I Abaga brags as he slams Joey Akan over claim he's an enemy of Nigerian HipHop KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, May 19, 2022

DABABY: "I'm the leader of HIP Hop in Nigeria" - M.I Abaga brags as he slams Joey Akan over claim he's an enemy of Nigerian HipHop

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga and Joey Akan, are currently clashing with each other on social media. (Read More Here).

The online fight started when Joey Akan mocked the fact that DaBaby didn't see any HIP HOP rapper in Nigeria (the likes of Ycee, MI, Nigga Raw and many others). 

Joey Akan wrote: "Why is Dababy not having one-on-one with local Nigerian rappers? No meet-and-greet? No hailings? 

"wE nEeD tHE CUltuRe to resPect Nigerian wrappers."
You rappers should go and drag Davido na. Since entitlement is usually your first name.

"King of Nigerian hip hop has excommunicated me. You're not that guy, Jude. You no longer have that influence you used for evil in the past.
The industry doesn't rate you. Your past sins speak against you. 
You're still stuck in the 2011, that's why you're crying for Rick Ross.

MI didn't waste time as he slammed Joey Akan and accused him of being an an enemy of Nigerian HipHop. Mi also claimed he's the king or leader of HIP Hop in Nigeria. 

MI Abaga: "Let it be known that @JoeyAkan is an enemy of Nigerian HipHop! 
A vile mind that continuously spits on our efforts and debases the Hiphop community! 
You are persona non grata and no longer welcome in the culture.

"Not just king bro.. leader… I am the fucking leader!!!!!!!! Let’s see what impact my words have on you.. dead guy.. loser.. insecure piece of shit. 

"Him de block my call lol my brother pick up talk to me like an adult… it’s easy to talk rarara on TL answer call Joey.

"You have a small mind.. so not sure you understand what false equivalency is.. 
What’s d point of dis tweet? To insult rappers for wanting respect? 
I guess self respect would be an offensive idea to you. 
Insecure little Joey insulting people to feel better ♥️ grow up."

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