FREE WUNNA: Eyewitness says Judge Ural Glanville denied bond to Gunna as he tags YSL a gang and not a record label KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, May 23, 2022

FREE WUNNA: Eyewitness says Judge Ural Glanville denied bond to Gunna as he tags YSL a gang and not a record label

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Eyewitness says Judge Ural Glanville denied bond to Gunna as he tags YSL a gang and not a record label. (Read More Here).

At a hearing in Fulton County Superior Court on Monday morning, Judge Ural Glanville denied bond to Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) and set a trial date for January 2023. The judge offered little detail on his rationale, but was clearly swayed by arguments from prosecutors, who said they were worried about witness intimidation if the rapper was released on bond.

Among other accusations, prosecutors say Young Thug rented a car that was used in the 2015 drive-by shooting that killed 26-year-old Donovan Thomas, and that YSL members sought his permission before they attempted to murder rival rapper YFN Lucci in prison. Additional charges against Young Thug were later tacked on based on items found when he was arrested, including possession of illegal guns.

Eyewitness Jewel reports: "I was just in court where a judge denied bond for Gunna and set his trial date for Jan. 9, 2023. Prosecutors allege YSL is a gang, not just a record label. They also alleged Gunna serves in a “command” role.

"Prosecutors said Gunna is a “documented” gang member and that he and Williams “direct their troops” to commit violent acts. The judge said his biggest concern was witness tampering. 
Gunna’s attorney can file a renewed motion for bond at a later date."

On social media, fans are calling for the release of Gunna as they trend 'FREE WUNNA.'

Reactions from fans below:

This is sick. Bro in jail for being cool with people who did some shit. Wtf man free wunna idc.

If ever a generation proved their ignorance it’s with this Free Wunna shit. These dudes aren’t just criminals. They helped fund & plan major crimes including murder and here y’all dumbasses are talking about free em. Y’all just ignorant and make the culture look so irresponsible.

With all thats going on in the world these silly negroes have Free Wunna trending, the blinders of vanity is powerful on our people! Abba awaken your children to the errors of our ways, redeem US!

𝕄 ♪ 𝕁 🪩 🫧 🪴
Not sure why Free Wunna is trending when there’s regular folks out there rotting away in prison on bs drug charges and the like. Stop the celebrity worship.

Bruce Wayne🦇
Gunna in jail because of branding smh. They literally don’t have shit on him other than wearing a YSL chain. Free Wunna.

All this Free Wunna, free YSL, free Thugger talk… like bro free yourself from that 9-5 job.

Papi Petty aka Him Carrey aka Himmy Butler
They don’t even have Gunna doing anything bad other than just being affiliated with YSL Records and Young Thug. They about to throw away his life just cause he’s affiliated?! Throw the whole judicial system away. FREE WUNNA.

Nah this is wild how Gunna go from sold out shows to prison … ion like that I hope he’s receiving some type of mental health care frfr free wunna. 

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