HOODY PHOTOS: Uzzi hood brand replaces Fabiani to be the most worn outfit for criminals in South Africa following death of Bontle Mashiyane and Hillary Gardee and arrest of Collen HLONGWANE KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, May 23, 2022

HOODY PHOTOS: Uzzi hood brand replaces Fabiani to be the most worn outfit for criminals in South Africa following death of Bontle Mashiyane and Hillary Gardee and arrest of Collen HLONGWANE

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Uzzi hoodies are fast becoming clothing brand mostly worn by criminals in South Africa. (Read More Here).

According to information, Uzzi has replaced Fabiani. Fabiani clothing brand used to be most patronised outfit worn by criminals. 

In recent times in South Africa, criminals who have appeared in court or arrested for murder usually wear the same outfit, Uzzi. Even one of Hillary Gardee's killers wore the Uzzi outfit to court, which caused reactions. 

When 6-year-old Bontle Mashiyane's killer, COLLEN HLONGWANE, was arrested, he was also seen wearing the same Uzzi. South Africans have a lot to say about the Uzzi brand. 

In the trending video, COLLEN HLONGWANE, narrated how he and a lady said to be his girlfriend kidnapped and killed Bontle. According to him, he says he cut the uterus, knees and other body parts of Bontle. 

The only remains of Bontle Bontle was her skull. According to the killer, he says he took the body parts of Bontle to a sangoma, whom is yet-to-be identified. 

The SAPS has given official statement and it reads: "Police in Mpumalanga are making an urgent appeal to the public to assist locate six-year-old Bontle Zethu Ditebogo Mashiyane, from Mganduzweni in Masoyi near White River. She went missing on Saturday, 30 April 2022 at about 11h00 am.

"According to the police report, on the said day the girl was playing with other children at home. Later it was discovered that she disappeared without a trace. Her family then grew concerned after failed attempts to find her and they reported the matter to the police at Masoyi on the same Saturday. She was reported as missing. The case is highly prioritized hence it is handled by a specialized unit of Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) in Pienaar as they are experts in probing such matters due to the skills and resources that they possess.

"Bontle is described as light in complexion with a brush cut and is weighing at about 17.7 kg's (a photo of her is attached).
On the day Bontle went missing, she was wearing a pink T-Shirt as well as pink tracksuit trousers without shoes on her feet.

"Police believe that Mr Collen Hlongwane (his photo also attached) can assist them in their investigation of the missing child and he is urged to immediately contact police or go to the nearest police station. Members of the public are requested to alert police on Mr Collen Hlongwane's whereabouts.

Reactions from South Africans below:

Broken Native🌍
This Uzzi Label has Evil spirits around it.

Stop dating men who wear UZZI 😩. Enough is Enough.

Justice. Not Mercy
Replying to 
At this rate, police should arrest anyone wearing UZZI coz it's either they've committed a crime or they are on their way to commit one.

As always the Uzzi brand is involved 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️this one must rot in jail.

Fighter ❤💚🖤
Anyone who buys a Uzzi hoodie must be thrown in jail while they are still at the till paying.
Crime Intelligence must be stationed outside every Uzzi retailer to profile buyers. 
Nje, #Uzzi must be RICA'd like sim cards so that the buyers must be easily traceable & investigated. 

Martin Lungsta👑 Jr.
UZZI hoody again... 🤦🏽‍♂️ how is this piece of shit born in 97 looking like that.

FABIANI is slowly replacing UZZI.

Maybe if we close down UZZI stores the crime rate will drop.....
Just a suggestion. 

Photos of criminals who have worn Uzzi outfits revealed:

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