HOUSE OF BNG: Bonang Matheba strikes again as she accuses David Phillips of stealing $52K from iHeart radio which led to her sack from radio KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, May 20, 2022

HOUSE OF BNG: Bonang Matheba strikes again as she accuses David Phillips of stealing $52K from iHeart radio which led to her sack from radio

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Bonang Matheba has continued to drag David Phillips over ownership of House of Bng and many others. 

In a deleted tweet, Bonang Matheba accused David Phillips of stealing $52k from IHeart media, which caused her to be sacked from radio. 

 Bonang Matheba wrote: "Should I tell them about the $52000 you stole from iHeart Media which ultimately cost me my radio show?!! 

Davin Phillips Is At The Centre of Bonang’s Problems. 
How did Bonang let this happen? Here’s how.
Vino Ventures (Pty) Ltd is tasked with the production of the MCC. 

According to CIPC reports Davin Phillips is one of the directors OF Vino Ventures and Bonang is not.

The question of ownership lies with the registration of the trademark of House of BNG. Whoever owns the trademark has the right to produce & sell the MCC under the name House of BNG

Davin established Vino Ventures in February 2017 before signing Bonang to his management company. 

Davin has strategically placed himself at the center of House of BNG & has control over pretty much the entire decision making process of the business. He is a director of CSA Global & was assigned as Bonang’s manager, he also owns Vino Ventures responsible for producing the MCC. 

There are other companies within the House of BNG ecosystem. According to CIPC records, Bonang is the sole director of 2 companies called ‘BNG South Africa’ & ‘Bonang Matheba Trademarks’.

Bonang Matheba Trademarks was established in November 2019 after the MCC had been launched. It is not clear where the BNG South Africa company fits into the picture.

Do you think House of BNG will survive without brand Bonang Matheba?

Bonang Matheba wrote: "One thing I WILL do, is stand up for myself!!! PUBLICLY!! I’ve had ENOUGH!! You’ve put me and my family through HELL the last 2 years!! And clearly being decent behind closed doors, isn’t the language you understand ANYMORE!!! I’m going to FIGHT!! Watch me!! @DavinPhillips. 

"….15 years of my HARD work! You think you can swoop in and STEAL from me?!! It will be a cold day in HELL my diye!! @DavinPhillips."

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